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Thread: What is my problem?

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2010-09-27 19:07:42
What is my problem?
OK so my engine started doing some funky things lately. When I put a load on the engine, like starting up a hill in second or putting the pedal to the floor, it will almost like backfire. It will hesitate and pop multiple times, the hesitation isn't long but enough to feel it and the pop isn't loud but definitely noticeable. Also when i let off the gas in gear it gurgles and pops which I never noticed before. I'll see if I can get some video of it to give you guys a better idea of whats going on. I hope someone can help me figure this out, it's kind of got me scared.
2010-09-27 20:03:43
what mods is on the car. what are you plugs gapped to?
2010-09-27 21:10:23
Mods: headers, exhaust, K&N filter. Recently replaced the MAF because of previous running problems (not similar to this in any way really) with one i bought used on here. I haven't changed plugs recently so the gaps should be fine because it was running just fine before, also I don't remember what they are gapped to.
2010-09-27 21:18:58
have you checked your grounds, check the grounds to the maf sensor.
2010-09-28 23:59:09
GT2871RBLUBIRD is right.

I also would just try the old MAF, bad MAF usually richens mixture, so I start wondering about the quality of your ignition and if it stays popping it might be temp sensor (I never experienced personally though) and your CAS might gone bad. This all is best verified with the proper scanner gear.

So it would be grounds, spark, fuel delivery, vacuum and/ or sensors to check...

I wrote this because I assume your engine is mechanically in order, but lacks some maintenance or has disfunctional sensors.
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