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Thread: Thinking about getting out...

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2010-09-18 16:30:13
02-06 i believe. Any of those years and they can be had for cheap. My buddy got his for 175
2010-09-18 16:31:47
Originally Posted by RedDragun
I have an '01 B15 LSD trans, so I'll need the final drive gear then apparently. Which year 1.8L B15 trannies are the right ones? Sorry I'm at work and don't have a whole lot of time to research at the moment. Is there any way to get a better final drive?

Edit: Thanks Ben, I'll look for that!

The b13 final drive will be much better than your b15 final drive. Those gears are short as hell. The 1.8L b15 gearstack has the same gears as the p11 lsd trans (the good one)

So just swap the final drive ring gear from a b13 or b14 onto your lsd and good to go.
2010-09-18 16:35:50
^ smart one!!!
2010-09-18 16:36:49
Good thing I listened to my mom and junked my B13 and B14 transmissions lol. I'm sure I can find one of those final drive gears pretty easily with all the blown B13/B14 trannies out there. I'm guessing all of the B15 QG18 transmissions are the same? Just have to find one at a junkyard now.

Edit: Just saw your 02-06 post Ashton
2010-09-18 16:38:34
yes, they are all the same. Shouldnt have a problem finding a ring gear. Your correct, they are everywhere. lol
2010-09-18 17:27:31
Been doing some reading, it seems that if I use the QG18 gear stack, the B13 final drive gear, and use 5th gear from my B15 transmission, this will be the best overall combo for a turbo and give me a tall 5th gear for highway driving. I'm having a hard time thinking about this because I've never seen the inside of a manual transmission in person though lol.
2010-09-18 17:32:32
The b15 and p11 trannies (the good ones) are alot tougher to work on than the b13 and b14. I can change a gearstack out in a b13 trans and have the case back together in less than 20 minutes. The b15 one i did for my buddy took me over an hour. The stupid roll pins and crap you have to punch out are a pain. And dont lose the springs and balls. Make sure you put every piece back in its original location.
2010-09-18 18:18:35
Is using the 5th gear from my current transmission a good idea?

Edit: Also while I'm in there, what else should I replace?
2010-09-26 02:43:00
Okay so I've come into some money issues again (full time college student, work full time, but parent's don't pay for anything not even health insurance). So basically this is going to be a long term project. I have some questions about rebuilding this transmission and a good clutch setup:

1. Should I bother changing my clutch setup now that I know I can't just slam gears and expect the tranny to hold up? I never felt any slipping or anything wrong with the clutch setup I have (SR16 flywheel, ACT 6 puck unsprung w/xtreme pp). I've learned a valuable lesson here!
2. What final drive ring gear do I need EXACTLY, will one out of an older B13/B14 transmission mate up with the LSD unit and also mesh properly with the QG18 gearstacks?
3. What else should I replace while I am in there; basically are there any bearings that I should replace or anything else that is a culprit for causing problems later on?

If someone could help me out with this that would be much appreciated. This is going to be a slow fix as I make enough money/have enough time. I will pull the transmission once I find a place for the car to sit for a long time without anyone throwing a fit about it being on jackstands.
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