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Thread: Thinking about getting out...

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2010-09-18 15:57:11
To date I have destroyed:
B13 transmission 2nd Gear (unusual right?)
B14 transmission 3rd Gear (not so unusual)
B15 transmission 4th Gear (unusual it seems)

Now I'm going to break the pattern, because I'm not getting a B16 transmission and so I can't break fifth gear on that .

I've been using Valvoline DuraBlend 80w90 in the transmission. I'm going to start looking for a 1.8L transmission, and I just wont drive it as hard next time (well, shift as hard on power). I can't get out of the game. I was just upset because it happened just an hour ago from this post.
2010-09-18 16:02:28
What about usin shock proof???
2010-09-18 16:05:51
Trust me, use the Valvoline 85w-140. Its a huge difference. You can feel the extra cusion through the drivetrain. Even the engagement of each gearchange when you let out the clutch is much much softer. And yes, take it easy on it. In the mornings the gear oil is pretty thick but still no problems getting the car in gear and driving. It eases up as it warms up.

There is nothing you can do. Ive only broken 3rd and 4th gear. never one more than the other. One time i just cleaned out the shavings from breaking 4th so i could drive the car around and then very next hard shift to 3rd which i did after i picked up a spare gearstack i sheered 3rd, haha 2nd to 5th baby.

Fun fun.
2010-09-18 16:07:02
I switched to the DuraBlend as per Miko's recommendation, and I don't think Shockproof Heavy would have helped this situation. I think you guys are right, the unsprung clutch hits HARD. I used to use shockproof heavy but one of the local tuner shops said that sometimes it can actually starve the transmission because it moves so slowly through the fluid passages or something like that.

I'll get some of that 85w140 for the next transmission. I can only use 3rd and 5th at the moment, I can't get into the other gears but I can still drive the car. It's not my only vehicle anymore so I'm not desperate to fix it like the last time I broke my transmission.
2010-09-18 16:14:45
Yeah straight shockproof will not lubricate properly. The 85w140 works awesome. Not too thick, not too thin.

Give it a shot man.
2010-09-18 16:16:41
I'm having a hard time finding the thread telling you what gear stacks fit right in... Also is there a way to get a more desirable final drive for turbo?
2010-09-18 16:17:47
Just putting my. 02 in cuz i have ran it and my buddy runs with a b13 with 200k plus, and turbo. But,definitely listen to ashton cuz he has done it, trying to hit 9's. Gl tho
2010-09-18 16:18:56
If you have a b15 trans with everything b15 in it, the 1.8L b15 trans gearstacks will not work with your Final Drive. You will need to swap the final drive ring gear from a b13 or b14 trans if you have one laying around. other than that, they should go in. Just dont try to use it with your b15 final drive. Wont work.
2010-09-18 16:28:25
Originally Posted by RedDragun
I'm having a hard time finding the thread telling you what gear stacks fit right in...
It was a thread by Coheed or with Coheed in it. Maybe his build thread? Should help you find it though.
2010-09-18 16:29:03
I have an '01 B15 LSD trans, so I'll need the final drive gear then apparently. Which year 1.8L B15 trannies are the right ones? Sorry I'm at work and don't have a whole lot of time to research at the moment. Is there any way to get a better final drive?

Edit: Thanks Ben, I'll look for that!
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