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Thread: Cleaning MAF?

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2010-09-12 23:45:10
Cleaning MAF?
How exactly do I go about doing this with out messing up the sensor?

This is for an oem DE MAF
2010-09-12 23:51:29
just recently did this on my gf's volvo, just go to your local autozone and get the maf sensor cleaner. basicly alls you do is disconnect the maf, take it completely off the car, put in on some newspaper, put it one side down on the paper and spray the screen and hotwire and then flip it and do the same.

with the maf cleaner you cant really spray ''too'' much as it desolves very quickly

i cleaned it like above 2 times just to make sure. you can let it dry for like 15mins in between sides. up to you
2010-09-12 23:53:48
2010-09-13 00:15:22
nvm... found a how to.
2010-09-13 00:28:46
2010-09-13 00:33:03
Originally Posted by Isfahan

2010-09-13 01:46:59
By the way cleaning the MAFS will almost always result in a seat of the pants horsepower increase. It is really remarkable on how much of a difference it makes.
2010-09-13 01:57:23
seems like Mr SE-R did a write up about this...
2010-09-13 01:59:28
I clean mine every other oil change. Force of habit now. It was easier cleaning the stock MAF compared to the E60.

I just remove the whole E60 and spray it down, let it sit and re-install it.
2010-09-13 10:56:17
But what about the de maf? did you spray the whole thing down or did you pull just sensor and clean it?
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