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Thread: P0101 or 0101. Whats the difference? MAF or Cam Position Sensor

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2010-09-11 18:52:11
P0101 or 0101. Whats the difference? MAF or Cam Position Sensor
I am kinda getting tired of these threads so I apologize if you are too.
I am chasing down this hard start problem/sometimes stumbling..
Smoke checked for intake leaks
Cleaned T/B
Cleaned out IACV
Swapped out AAC (benind motor).
Changed CTS a few times.
New O2.
I pulled codes from ECU blinks 01 01
Got a distributer from Llprad.
Engine starts up much better.
Problem, if it is above 80 degrees, I must hold the throttle open until the car warms up or it will die.
I was talking with a friend and he told me to check MAF. It is not in limp mode so I thought nothing of the MAF.
Checked Nissan MAF codes online and it comes back P0101. You see why I am confused?
The temps in NY have come down signicantly. In the morning the car fires right up to 1500. It wants to try to stumble, but if I feather the throttle it will catch itself and warm up perfect. What gives? The cooler it is the better it starts.
Hope this thread helps someone.
2010-09-13 04:35:52
Ain't one long and one short CAS?

I do not recognize the P0101 code. I figured it is the same.
2010-09-14 06:34:54
Man, you've had MAF-ish symptoms forever.
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