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Thread: AD22 stripped threads- problem???

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2008-02-22 01:51:58
AD22 stripped threads- problem???
When i got my AD22 calipers and I was bolting it up, the left caliper in the bottom hole the threads are stripped. In order to keep the pin in I threaded it with plumbers white tape and used rtv over it to keep the pin in. I just wanted to know if this will cause a problem in the future. So far i've had it for over 7k miles. No problems as of yet; however, I have not pulled off the calipers to see.

Any advice in how to remedy this situation?
2008-02-22 03:11:28
I wouldn't trust it.

There's a reason why they're threaded to begin with.

Pull them off and tap/re-thread them for safety.
2008-02-22 03:40:54
You can't tap them to repair them if they're fully stripped. You can, however, Helicoil them. Probably be okay if it's just the slide pin threads.

2008-02-22 05:08:44
No problem.

Oh, wait - did you actually want to drive the car? In that case, big problem.

$50 or so should get you a rebuild from Advanced Auto, I'd recommend going that route. I had a helicoil repair fail after 2 weeks on a motor mount.

Having an engine nearly hit the ground 2x while driving is not a good feeling. I really wouldn't want to have that same experience when trying to go from 80mph -> 0mph for an emergency stop and have one snap off, pretty much ensuring a few flips / roll overs in the ensuing wreck.
2008-02-22 05:15:48
As dramatic as that sounds, the actual braking force is transferred from the pad to the torque member. The only force that those pins see for the most part is the weight of the caliper.

That said, I agree that you're right. A proper rebuilt unit is preferable for maximum peace of mind.

2008-02-22 07:25:17
As stated above (Why didn't I think of that?!) A rebuild would be your best bet. I didn't really think a re-thread was un-feasible, and I hear a lot of bad things from Helicoil inserts, but the US Military has been using Helicoil inserts for many years. (I personally have used TONS of helicoil inserts, though on tactical communications equipment, so that's likely a different scenario, compared to a rolling vehicle.)

Anyhow, I'd go with SHig, and R0b, and just get a rebuild from Advanced/Checker.
2008-02-22 15:27:08
When you guys say "rebuild", are you refering to getting a new caliper or rebuilding this one?

I have an extra set of AD22 lying around. I'll just swap it out this weekend.

I got the bad one from Advance a few months ago. November to be exact. I still have receipt somewhere. Do you think its too late to get it replaced/return it?

2008-02-22 15:31:36
You get a rebuilt caliper when you buy one from Advanced. I do not know whether they are loaded (piston/etc) or not, but I would assume they are.

And no, you should be able to exchange it, no problem.
2008-02-22 15:35:52
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