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Thread: Let me know if you think I have rod knock.

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2010-09-19 05:55:19
a friend of mine had a weird ghost knock on his car and he had one, when he replaced his clutch he found that it was cracked, after he replaced it it went away, just a shot out in left field.
2010-09-19 16:10:49
Hard to tell from that video. I know my car has ticking/chatter noise. I was nervous at first but once I pressed in the clutch, noise went away. Wish you the best man. My brothers car spun a bearing. We tried saving it with a new set of ACL's and 100 miles later there is a hole in the front and back of the block. Shit happens man.
2010-09-19 20:52:43
I really do not think anything is wrong with it but watch me eat these very words in XXX amount of time when I throw a piston through the block. SR20's are just noisy little bastards. I changed the oil, tensioner, everything and noises are present. I cannot do anything else without doing major mechanical work. Something that, imho, is not even worth it. The entire engine needs to be rebuilt but it works for what it is, a daily driven machine that i have fun with.

If the engine takes a dump, VE is replacing it.
2010-09-19 21:12:22
well and personally comparing hondas which are belt driven to nissans which are chain driver, be it a sr20det sentra, ka 240sx sr20det 240sx, the chains are just louder, between the chain,the tensioner,particular oils you can get a array of noises with chain driven verses belt driven.
2010-09-19 21:30:29
I have used Valvoline Red bottle Max Life synthetic blend for almost a year. I have heard the noises before and after making the switch from "dino oil" to a semi-synthetic blended oil.

I also throw in a bottle of Restore each oil change. Have been doing this for almost a year now with good results. This stuff is the blue magic that I like to use with every oil change.

I hear all sorts of ticks, chatters, noises, everything. Of all the rod knock videos I have seen posted on here and on the other forum. Nothing comes close to those noises I heard on all of those videos I have watched.
2010-09-19 21:40:24
maybe you are an autochondriac i get that sometimes, usually after i drop alot of money on somethin for it, usually somethin happens after you get your car just the way you want it.
2010-09-19 21:48:13
yeah like i said and you said basicly a chain driven powertrain is going to make more noises that other belt driven trains. i too have noises here and there, but i pretty much have come to terms that its just the motor since i have dynoed 3 times and put a total of over 10k miles on my car and have had ''noises'' but nothing that ever stopped me from making power or stopped the engine from running so i was like F it and just stopped worring about it. lol
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