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Thread: Firing Order

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2010-07-25 00:01:08
Firing Order
I was under the impression that the firing order is 1-3-4-2, from multiple searches and this post.

I just took the head off the 99 SR20, I'm seeing the firing order as 1-4-3-2. Unless cylinder position doesn't say anything about firing order I'm lost...

2010-07-25 00:05:37
Actually it makes sense now, looking at Mike's Article. Assuming he is using the SR20 as the example
2010-07-25 00:17:52
Yep crank rotates 180 between each firing.
2010-07-25 01:19:36
Cool I was reading about header pairing and then saw the cylinder positions and started to question the firing order .
2010-07-25 01:58:32
Originally Posted by Vadim
..I was reading...

Stop that
2010-07-25 02:17:25
lol, yeah 1,3,4,2 is the firing order.

Stop reading Vadim. haha
2010-07-25 02:28:55
Originally Posted by wnwright
Stop that

Originally Posted by ashtonsser
lol, yeah 1,3,4,2 is the firing order.

Stop reading Vadim. haha

But but but

Fine I'll just become illiterate!
2010-07-25 02:38:40
There you go. haha
2010-07-25 03:38:43
I questioned the firing order once (for equally stupid reasons?) too and it didn't turn out well. Do not question the firing order.

Again, do not question the firing order.

To appease the firing order, I suggest you delete this thread entirely Vadim. It's the least you can do. The firing order demands it.
2010-07-25 03:42:17
1, 3, 4, 2!
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