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Thread: water meth injection question

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2010-07-24 23:32:05
water meth injection question
Looking to run the aem setup on a w11det..my question is where would be the best place for the nozzle? is it a good idea to put it on the pipe after the maf and before the throttle body, or should I make a plate after the throttle body and mount the nozzle on that?? Any help/advice would be gladly appreciated..I'm running blow through btw..
2010-07-25 00:08:05
After the maf and be sure that it if it drips it won't run down and touch the maf element.
2010-07-26 06:24:28
^ thank you sirr
2010-07-26 19:54:45
If you are just running one nozzle and the AEM kit you should put the nozzle about 6 inches before the throttle body. That will give you the most effective results. Are you still using an intercooler?

You can also inject pre-compressor if you aren't using an intercooler in combination.
2010-07-26 23:27:58
Im running my nozzle about 6 inches or so from the TB...
2010-07-28 04:41:48
yup, i will be keeping the intercooler, what size tanks are you guys running, where are they located and approximately how many miles do you guys get from it? I appreciate the help fellas!!
2010-07-28 19:43:47
I have a half gallon tank, which is located in the trunk...
I dunno how much miles, because it only turns on when Im above 14psi... a lot of that depends on the nozzle you have and the ammount it injects...
For example, mine is maf activated, so it starts at 14psi, think it was around 3.2 or so maf voltage and reaches full injection at the max voltage so that it doesnt reaches full injection... I have the nozzle for 385whp to 435whp...
We lasted about 4 hours or so tunning the car in the street with wideband so that means that its like one and an hour and half on dyna, because we ran into some trouble which we had to sort out, and I had to refill the water/meth tank like 3 times, it consumes pretty fast...
2010-07-30 08:20:36
good, now one last question, for those with the tank in the trunk, what did you use and how did you route the feed line to the engine bay?
2010-07-30 13:41:19
You can use compression fittings and white nylon hose from home depot if you can' t find anything better. I don't know how well it will mount up with your AEM kit though, you might have to improvise
2010-07-30 16:23:49
I bought off ebay the original hose that comes with the kit, that dude on ebay selled whatever length you need at like $1.25 per feet...
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