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Thread: Clutch Issues

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2010-07-24 22:09:35
Clutch Issues
Lately I've had this issue with my clutch where it isn't disengaging entirely. Normally I'd think either it's worn down and binding or that the cable is stretched, but it's a 4 month old kevlar disc and the cable is well within adjustment. The real kicker that made me look past those 2 is the fact that randomly, it worked and operated normally for a whole city drive of about 60mi. After sitting, the problem resurfaced. To detail, here's exactly what happens:

After starting the car, with the clutch fully depressed I cannot enter or exit a gear. I can still shift clutchless when driving, but any time I get to a full stop, I have to turn off the car, shift to first, and restart. When I do this, I can hold the clutch pedal and brake at the same time, and the car will not die when it's in gear. It idles normally. Still, though, I can't shift into any gear at the same time.

After messing with the cable adjustment and such in the drive for a while, I gave up, returned the cable to it's original setting, and decided to simply drive it to the shop until I had a better idea as to the problem. It drove perfectly all the way to the shop, zero issues, and I could shift any time I wanted including at standstill without it fighting me.

Any ideas what else could be going on? This all makes me fairly certain it isn't a clutch disc or cable issue, but what else is there?
2010-07-24 22:12:55
only way to figure this out is simple. but not..

must remove tranny
before removing throw out bearing move shaft with your hand.. pretty sure top of shaft is where throw out bearing is getting stuck..

my problem was mainly the throw out bearing clips... that looked fine but furthur inspection showed one half of the clip was missing.. causing it to get stuck
exact same sympthoms can only go into gear while moving.. i hate red lights.

before i removed tranny i did the following
-new from dealer clutch cable
- miko tranny bracket

eventually if you keep driving on it the springs will grenade itself inside the housing and might cause some damage to flywheel,and inner housing.

after i bought new t/bearing clips an new disc i never had that problem again
2010-07-24 22:20:35
Ah, didnt think of that. Worth checking out. Only thing I wonder, though is on this:

Originally Posted by HKS

eventually if you keep driving on it the springs will grenade itself inside the housing and might cause some damage to flywheel,and inner housing.

Why is that? Unless the disc is faulty, why would not trying to disengage the clutch destroy clutch springs?
2010-07-24 23:43:05
What brand clutch is it?
The engine that is in my car now came from a partout that was spurred by the springs breaking in the clutch, it was an act stage 3 if I remember right
2010-07-25 00:47:27
the clutch is an xtreme currently.
2010-07-27 00:35:26
Throwout Bearing Gets Stuck In Pressure Plate.. Dont Knw How But Thats All I Can Figure.
2010-08-01 21:45:46
Well, turns out that once again, the metal that retains the clutch springs failed and chipped off. The broken metal fragment got lodged in the Kevlar of the clutch disc and was constantly rubbing on the pressure plate. Ofc, it's on a clutch I've driven for less that 4 months.

Needless to say I'm pissed, and the clutch is barely out of warranty. Advance is going to get an earful on this one. Same thing that happened to the first clutch back in March happened here on the upgraded clutch they comp'ed me. Ridiculous.

Luckily, this time I should have the cash handy to buy a real clutch without scraping the bottom of the bank account.
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