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Thread: Rocker arm came loose after overrev

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2010-07-19 04:19:08
Well one down, one to go! The first one was under the VC.
2010-07-19 16:48:33
So if I cant find the other shim in the VC, do I just drain the oil, and drop the pan?
2010-07-19 16:50:55
Yep. Of course check the oil that drains on the off chance it comes out. Then start working your way up from the bottom looking for it.

Good luck. Hopefully it fell all the ways down.
2010-07-25 19:59:39
So no luck finding the second shim yet. I drained the oil, nothing in there. I dropped the pan, nothing in there. I dropped the baffle, nothing in there. Now what? Anything else I can pull apart down below without tearing everything apart? I didn't find any broken pieces or anything, so its living somewhere. I imagine just getting another shim, and fixing the problem would be a bad idea, without finding the missing shim.
2010-07-27 18:26:05
2010-07-27 18:32:37
Did you pull the upper oil pan? It can be up there...

Personally I wouldn't run it until I found it as I have seen a shim bounce around and cause damage before.
2010-07-27 20:38:21
Upper oil pan?
2010-07-27 20:48:12
There are two pans, you have the metal oil pan, then remove the baffle, then remove the upper oil pan which is a cast aluminum piece that looks like the block. Held on by 12mm bolts and two 10mm nuts in the access hole on the flywheel side. Pain to get to. I bet you its stuck in the baffles on the top side of the upper pan if you havent removed it.

Just make sure if you remove it to get all the bolts or you will easily crack the oil pan prying it off. There are 12mm bolts on the outside and inside of the motor that hold it on. Two different lengths on most and the two longer ones at the flywheel side.

You can find pics on here of the layout to help you along. The pry point is at the front right corner of the block.
2010-07-27 23:12:37
search for those pieces through every* nook and cranny.
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