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Thread: AauUGH! Key in ignition broke off!

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2010-07-14 13:35:04
AauUGH! Key in ignition broke off!
I woke up this morning to my wife needing a ride to work because her key broke off in the ignition - if I remove the plastics, is it easy to remove the ignition cyl to push out the key from the opposite side on a b12?
2010-07-14 22:19:00
if its anything like the b14 you have to turn the key then push a button on the side with a screw point and the whole lock cylinder will come out from the ignition switch assembly
2010-07-15 07:48:32
To remove the lock cylinder you will have to drill out the bolts holding it onto the column after removing the plastic (they don't have wrenchable heads). You can't push they key out the opposite side without removing the cylinder like Mike said. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly how it's held in. Mike might have it.
2010-07-15 12:09:25
wow my brothers key just snapped in the door lock of his S13 2 days ago.....and it was a genuien nismo key
2010-07-15 14:32:22
Good thing those are cheap ($4) - I was expecting like $10 a pop for something specialty like that and knowing stealerships. Awesome that its' cheap! - get this guys - there is enough space in there for me to jam the broken key so deep that our other full spare key can turn the ignition. Wild.
2010-07-30 15:20:16
Alright. Here's an update I'm pleased yet not so pleased about.

Things I learned:

1) when you pull off the ignition module, you're no further ahead, it does not reveal a damn thing to remove the broken key with.
2) you will see two small circles on the side of the body close to where your key goes in, if you drill them enough, the unit will come out and you can gain access to the lock assembily
3) it doesn't go back after you drill it.
4) You have to use sheet metal screws to hold the entire lock assembily inside the module chassis. I'm not pleased with this solution, but it saved me $45 and having to take it to a locksmith.
4) If I knew this was the case originally, I would have taken it to a locksmith
5) I found out how I can swipe a nissan in 5 minutes or less and I'm not happy about it.

Removing the lock assembily is easy, and the $3.50 shear pins are worth buying so you can take the assembily to a locksmith and save the $100+ for them to come to you (if you are able)
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