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Thread: car dies after coming to a comete stop and has trouble starting afterl

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2010-11-13 04:29:07
have you tried adjusting your idle? back off the idle screw a bit?
2010-11-14 01:21:55
Ill be searching for vacuum leaks next weekend clean intake mani n tb n iacv.itz a stock car. Maf was cleaned already. Doesn't go I to limp mode.shuts off on cold starts or after the cars been restart after a couple of hours.once car comes to a complete stop it shuts off.when I wait twenty minits it starts up if given gas.
2010-12-19 23:22:06
Update.its been 4weeks and ready to put her back together this week.oil change for filter fuel filter pv valve replaced.Maf cleaned.upper plentum of Intake manifold off cleaned. Throttle body cleaned. Egr cleaned replaced vacuum hoses with hose techniques hoses.Replaced knock sensor. Vc gasket replaced. This week replacing Egr gasket, temp sending unit.will keep updating once car is done
2011-02-20 16:12:52
Its been 2 1/2 months Starter the car up for th first time.car still needs gas to start.car now has hosetechniques vacuum hoses.cleaned egr tb.Upper plenum was cleaned as well.new knock sensor.new temp sending unit new injection o rings. New es rear mount.somebody please help me out
2011-02-20 16:37:44
Replaced the idle air control unit yet?
2011-02-20 18:22:21
Not yet.can that be it?ill be scanning for codes in a fewfew
2011-02-20 18:35:33
Yes, and it won't throw a code.
2011-02-20 18:48:48
The only way it wont stall is went you give it gas till it warms up
2011-02-20 20:23:49
I would focus on the MAF and the IACV. Mine was doing something very similar, although mine started OK after it stalled. I cleaned the MAF and it didn't help. Then I replaced it and it fixed 80% of the problem, then I regrounded the MAF to the ECU ground on the intake manifold and so far it has solved the issue. See if you can find a known good MAF to try and try regrounding it as well. I used male/female connectors so that if it didn't work I can just reconnect it the way it was without having to strip extra wire.
2011-02-22 20:38:23
Turned out to be a loose plug on the iacv.now it only stalls with the heat on when you start it??very weird
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