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Thread: Tommy Kaira ZZ sr20de

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2010-06-27 01:02:45
Originally Posted by Tommy
What brand of header do you guys think that is? A Fujitsubo?

That has to be custom. Never seen it before.
2010-06-27 01:03:39
According to what i've read is these come stock with a close ration Nissan motorsports transmission. I can probably email the guy to see what header is on there, but im not even sure he drives it anymore. I think he upgraded to something else, and the pics look like the car is on display somewhere.
2010-06-27 01:26:23
No doubt. I bet that header was custom made by Tommy Kaira himself.
2010-06-27 02:49:24
wow thats nice!
id love to see that car at the track(circuit) , wouldnt need much more power to beat very powerfull cars at the track...
2010-06-27 03:08:57
Originally Posted by PEDRONX2k
omg that is siiiiiiick...i want it...

i would put a pop charger RIGHT behind the driver seat so i could here some cams switch

even with a mild ve thats still an awsome ride i bet...

on a side note..........looke at how the driverside trans mount is......

I LOLed at the POP charger comment

That drivers side mount looks to be a passenger side mount from a B13 or very close to it anyways.
2010-06-27 03:17:13
OMG I can't believe I've never seen this before. Thank you for planting a fantasy car in my head. It's getting crowded in there.
2010-06-27 03:42:19
I like it. However like somebody else said, you have to wonder how one of these would fair in an accident. I don't see any crash protection on it. Its cool but the Lotus Exige is still tops on my list.
2010-06-27 04:05:18
I like the ZZ2 better.
YouTube - ????????????????????????
YouTube - Tommy Kaira ZZcoupe '1998'
YouTube - ?????????????ZZ-S ???
YouTube - TommykairaZZ driving circuit!!


2010-06-28 01:17:30
rb in one of those things omg must be heaven
2010-06-28 01:25:12
It's AWD too.
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