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Thread: SR20 High Mileage Club - Members with 250k+ miles apply inside

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2010-06-15 03:38:00
Originally Posted by NJse-r
I have a little over 249K (close enough!) on the factory SR20DE in my 1994 Se-r. It is NA now but for about 4 years I was running 9PSI through it, I would say for about 75,000 miles. It still pulls hard and the oil is always clean when I change it.

This is really good news. I'm at 166k and been boosted for almost 10k miles now.
2010-07-08 12:08:19
I hit 300,000 yesterday as I was pulling into my driveway. I almost don't want to drive it because it's so beautiful. Pics to come in a new thread. 1993 NX2000, original motor.
2010-07-08 12:37:49
My first car P10 GT Primera had 234k miles (375k km) when i sold it. That was highest mileage car ive ever had. Im rather looking for low mileage SR20 cars.. i had 50k miles and 76k miles N14 Sunny.
2010-07-08 15:46:51
279k on the body of the black SER. The body has seen a couple motors
2010-07-08 16:07:55
Chassis mileage shouldn't count, since the original motor is not part of the equation.

Just sayin'.
2010-07-08 17:24:26
Originally Posted by Cliff
Chassis mileage shouldn't count, since the original motor is not part of the equation.

Just sayin'.

2010-10-03 23:47:54
Just hit 200k this past week, full bolt ons and still kickin hard
2010-11-09 01:43:43
my 96 had 264 wen i sold it and it is still running from 1 year ago wen i sold it. all it had was an intake and i still blew clutches like it was my day job. the car probably has about 280 now. that shit was running beastly wen i got rid of it. i would buy it back if i find it.
2010-11-22 04:43:46
nice thread. Currently at 214k. Give me one more year and I should be at 250k.
2010-11-22 15:10:00
263k and going strong. On my 92 b13 I just had to change the clutch and the tranny from "my fault" install. tranny came off 153k SE-R at a pick n pull and works great. Has a lot of pull but once in a while have a hesitation in the engine on low rpm while accelerating on it. But runs excellent from that. I love this car!
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