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Thread: CF/FG Parts Discussion Thread

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2010-04-23 16:07:56
Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET
- Hmmmm. This makes me think. How much do you think it would be to wrap, and how different would it look from the sides skirts? I want everything to match. I think I'm just going to go with a full CF rear lip and figure out something to do with my rear lip, or just but another bumper lol.

Reece, The cost to wrap is the same due to the amount of material used to cover them is the same. The reason we had to make the GTS in FG first and work from it, is b/c the plastic pieces are difficult to do body work on to make them straight. So if he just covered the stock pieces, they would come out wavy or uneven. He will have to straighten the stock pieces or add to them so that when he overlays the carbon, it does not have that effect. I agree with you now however, I don't really know what I'm going to do with the extra pieces after CF is put on the car.
2010-04-23 16:57:05
I will address this later on however and see if I can't beat him down some on price, but I'm certain he's just worried about a bad product or part coming from his shop. When we were working on the GTS sides; from beginning to end he kept pointing out imperfections that needed correcting and even eliminated the first indentation that is not used for any mounting in order to keep them flush.
2010-08-11 20:20:31

This is a lip I borrowed from a member here. I believe it was also the same lip that was/is on the front of Jun's car. You can see the right corner does not sit flat like the left side.

The center is going to be lengthened in order to get the right line.

After lining up from the front going back, the ends need trimmed up a bit.

Cut right side to fit flush to the floor like left side. He's also going to be grinding down and cutting excess bulk from this front since it is already a fiberglass piece.

Dropped these off to get molded as well. You can see a little slit/tear in the second photo.

My Rear GT-S Bumper ready for molding to have lip in CF.

I also have Super Saloon Sides at his shop that were lent to me by the same person that lent the lip in pic 1. I kept my stock rear bumper and had an extra front bumper in the shed from a purchase a while back so no downtime on the car, just fitments here and there when he's ready. I'm making all these parts for my own interest and desire but I'm sure if all goes well with the sides that he'll produce more for a group. I'm not sure what kind of pricing will be available now, he usually just calls me and tells me what I need to drop off to him as far as $$$ goes and I do. I want to take a poll of who's interested in what, if these are the parts you guys would like. It will give me knowledge to approach him with in the future to know how much negotiating room I have. This will keep cost down for the community. If you have other parts you'd like to have, please post so that we can begin getting ideas down on paper.
2010-08-11 20:44:02
- Now this is what I'm talking about. GT-S rear lip, #LetsGo! Good sh*t Roger.
2010-08-11 20:58:24
GT-S is the 4fog JDM bumper, correct?
2010-08-11 21:12:14
Originally Posted by Joekuh
GT-S is the 4fog JDM bumper, correct?

No. 91-92 is GT-S (front to back) and 93-94 is Super Saloon (front to back)
2010-08-11 21:14:17
Looking good from floridas finest.
2010-08-11 21:20:18
I understand GT-S is the 2 fog front with the sides that are being made, along with the 4 piece rear lip bumper. Super Saloon is 4 fog front bumper, bulkier sides and one piece rear bumper with lip molded on from the factory.
2010-08-11 21:21:01
^Correct. All from Sunny 4doors.
2010-08-11 21:32:37
Wait so you mean to say that these kits will fit the 4 door sentra too??? -Joekuh

Anyways, I'm meeting up with a buddy of mine tomorrow to fit them to his 4 Door B13 just to ensure it still fits.
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