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Thread: Front Cover o-ring?

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2010-03-25 17:47:18
Front Cover o-ring?
I am trying to find the part number for the O-ring that is under the front cover for the oil pump on a B14 SR20DE. I looked in the Common Parts List thread and found this part # 15066-B14U002. If I google it i looks like a regular o-ring and it comes in the timing chain kit. When i pulled my front cover i found one of those Top Hat seals and not a regular o-ring. I had a friend order that part from Nissan (Thanks DJ) and it is a standard o-ring that is listed. Has anyone found the correct part or is there an update of some sort and the standard o-ring will work. It looks like the B13 SR20DEs use a different part as well.

If you look at the diagrams and such it shows the standard o-ring for the 2.0 but shows a top hat seal for the 1.6.. I am confused and frustrated. Any one know?
2010-03-25 18:28:44
I just use a regular o-ring.
2010-03-25 19:12:27
Originally Posted by Cliff
I just use a regular o-ring.

2010-03-25 19:20:11
Then maybe the parts i got from Nissan are correct. I put one in tonight and see what it looks like.
2010-03-26 00:30:45
I might have some man, I think they might come in the front crank seal felpro kits. They are like 10 bucks at the parts store, check it out! Let me see if I can dig up more info......
2010-03-26 03:56:15
No, im dumb, it is just an o-ring. I looked into if further once i got home.
Just for reference here are pics.

2010-10-25 04:12:41
What is the size/diameter of the o ring as I need one too want to button up the bottom end but need the o ring to move a head LOL
2010-10-25 06:09:48
I just order mine from greg v
2010-10-26 19:51:20
I am showing 15066-4J600
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