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Thread: Stalling issue while driving

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2010-03-23 21:38:29
Stalling issue while driving
After searching both forums, I have come up with a lot of possible causes of my issue and I'm hoping to narrow it down. I have a '91 B13 with the original DE engine. When I come to a stop my tach will drop below idle and more and more frequently it will stall unless I keep my foot on the throttle. If it doesn't stall, the engine speed will just up to 2k rpm and then fall quickly again and try to stall until it either does or finally rests at the normal idle speed. It seems like if I coast up to the stop (car in neutral) and therefore the car is idling before I get below 15mph, it will not do this. When I start up the car, the engine speed will bounce around for about 30 seconds before settling to its cold idle setting. Once warm, the car will idle just fine and the engine seems peppy enough. I first noticed this problem when I replaced all of the vacuum lines and cleaned the EGR. I have since replaced the EGR, and when I block off the line going to the EGR I still have the issue. If I disconnect one of the vacuum lines, the engine will "idle" at around 1100 rpm, but it won't try to stall on me. Suggestions?

Update: It would appear that my MAF was bad.
2010-03-23 23:20:16
I've been dealing a bit with the IACV's on my P11 lately. So naturally I would suggest you take a look at yours, it might have died or be dirty.
2010-03-23 23:38:16
Originally Posted by Vadim
I've been dealing a bit with the IACV's on my P11 lately. So naturally I would suggest you take a look at yours, it might have died or be dirty.

Yeah, I figure it could be that. I hope not, however, because it is SUCH a pain to get to!
2010-03-24 08:42:08
Stating the obvious: make sure all the vacuum hoses are back in place and not leaking.
Then, I'd recommend that you check your base idle speed (make sure ECU is in set base idle/timing mode).
If you can't get the idle set right, then try cleaning the throttle body and resetting the idle.
Then try totally removing the idle adjust screw and cleaning the inside of the IACV with Q-tips. Reassemble and try to set idle again.

Let us know what you find from doing these things.
2010-04-24 00:20:43
Apparently this has been solved! The issue was due to my grounding wires it would seem. Since putting in 4 new ground wires (6 gauge) between engine and chassis, my car starts right up and no longer stalls. Stupid Michigan winters.
2010-12-19 19:07:15
Update: After several months of this continuing, replacing the MAF seems to have solved the problem. I hope this is my last update to this thread!

It makes me wonder about the K&N oil on the air filter. I've heard that if you put on too much it can get sucked into the intake and damage the MAF. I've always been careful in not putting too much and I always give it several days to dry. Also, the MAF was very clean when I pulled it off to clean it. How does a MAF go bad?
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