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Thread: Hard to get in gear...

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2010-03-19 01:09:54
Hard to get in gear...
I have had a weird issue coming and going lately. I noticed it at the track after the car was wheel hopping. Pretty much launched in first and was wheel hopping all over the place. Tried to grab second and missed. Finally got it in and made it down the track.

When I came to a stop the car was hard to put into first. I also noticed second gear as well as reverse were a little hard to put in. It went away randomly and just tonight it happend again. Has anyone had this issue.

I need to put in my prothanes for sure but not sure if they will make a difference. I have a prothane trans mount, stock passenger, and ES inserts in the front and rear. Front mount was a little melted from my engine fire but not too bad. Just curious if it could be something internal or just something dumb like a motor mount. Any ideas appreciated.
2010-03-19 01:11:29
i have a front prothane ...in the wrapper for 15 shipped.....
2010-03-19 01:13:19
Shoot me your paypal. I'll take it.
2010-03-19 01:58:53
Could be low on gear oil? When my tranny was low on oil, it wouldn't go into first when decelerating unless I revmatched a little or was almost at a stop.
2010-03-19 02:20:20
I had the trans out last week and when I refilled it was pretty full. I could probably squeeze in 1/4 of a quart to get it to where it will start coming out of the fill plug. Unless I did lose some. I'll have to take peek tomorrow. Damn redline oil is expensive!
2010-03-19 02:26:48
you never know bes, theres plent of things that could go wrong. by the way get a solid dog bone, that will eliminate the majority of your wheel hop. they are like 60 bucks or some ****.

i wouldnt bet my money on motor mounts though. if you had asked me this question monday i would have said yeah its the mounts.

after seeing my buddys nx with no driver side mount and basically no dogbone still driving and going in gear i would say it could be something internal on your car.

check your linkage ? possibly under the load of the ve its tweaking itself and biding up the linkage arms ? see if the shifter arm below the car is close or cantacting the stabalizer arm.

2010-03-19 02:48:39
I'll have to take a peek underneath. Thats the thing thats weird. 1st, 2nd, reverse are rough. 3rd, 4th, and 5th are smooth as butter. It seems like that may actually be an issue. The gears that are rough are weird. It happend from stomping first and spinning into 2nd. Gotta love these retarded issues, lol.
2010-03-19 02:50:21
Is it hard to get it into 1,3,5th and difficult to pull out out of 2,4,R? That rear shifter bushing could be shot if it's OEM rubber.
2010-03-19 02:54:25
Ah one thing I forget to mention is about my shifter. I believe its the two screws that go up into the body. I think it holds the bushing in place. One stripped and I never got a good way to tighten it. I figured it was fine since one tightend up decently so not sure. That could be a possibility. I gotta figure a way to fix that screw. I made sure to not tighten the screw that goes through the short shifter. Also lubed up whatever I could to keep things moving free.
2010-03-19 02:56:33
That could in fact be the problem. My friend ran into that w/ his B13. His screws backed out and he couldn't go into any gear.
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