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Thread: Engine mounts

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2009-12-09 13:51:51
Engine mounts

Part 11375 (Damper assy-dynamic)

Anybody have changed this part? What is the purpose of this part? My B13 dont use it, but my B14 have one. Is this an engine mount? I want to replace the engine mounts on my B14 and I'm not sure if I should get this one too. Anyone?

2009-12-09 14:07:06
That looks similar to the dynamic damper on the front of the P10s. That has got to be the most useless part ever. It's a heavy piece of metal floating on rubber that bolts up to the car for no other reason than to stop some random vibration. Dead weight if you ask me. Ditch it.

It is not an engine mount.
2009-12-09 14:20:30
Wasn't it there in case the motor mounts fail? But even if they do they would still be hitting a chunk of metal...
2009-12-09 14:26:06
It's there to quiet some random vibration in the chassis, ie: useless.
2009-12-09 14:29:42
Yeah, can't say I have ever seen it on my B14's or B13's I have owned. I don't even recall anything like it on the P11. Ditch it!

2009-12-09 14:53:30
That thing just bolts to the top side of the cross member. I dont know its purpose.
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