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Thread: Another idea for a stroker kit

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2008-01-25 11:58:41
Another idea for a stroker kit
Has anyone ever considered using the crank from a ka24de engine in a sr20? They are 96mm stroke, so 2.2l or so.

Just curious to see if its been considered before.

2008-01-25 20:08:48
The main and rod journals are not the same size. Plust it's a different bore spacing.

2008-01-26 10:34:51
Just thought i would put it out there. I KNOW where there is a sr20 block with 89mm bore and a ka24de crank that has run and been proven to be reliable.

It would not be the most rev happy engine in the world tho, so i think thats why its no longer in use. From what i gather, the machining to make it fit was not that over the top, but thats only from my interpretation of how it was told to me by the person that owns and built the engine. He was making comments about selling it on at the time, and i know he is not the sort of person who would sell something that would blow up due to poor design.
2008-01-26 11:27:27
Waste of money and time in my opinion. To much work to be done. Lets say you get all of this done. You now have to have a flywheel made to fit this. The SR20 crank has 8 flywheel bolts and if memory serves me correct the KA has 6 flywheel bolt holes.

If the KA crank was 8 counterweight it might have been more of a consideration also.
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