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Thread: JWT Break-in Period

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2009-11-23 09:36:22
JWT Break-in Period
Just taken delivery of a flywheel and stage 3 clutch kit from Greg (Absolute Legend)

what have people done to bed them in before beating on it? nothing ridiculous like 500 miles I hope....
2009-11-23 11:58:23
um yeah it's usually 500 miles of light engaging, no beating it, no going over 3k, gotta let the disc or pucks seat to the FW, after that you should be golden
2009-11-23 12:11:43
no going over 3K when using the clutch or no reving the car past 3K whilst driving aswell? if so why?
2009-11-23 20:43:40
drive it like your going to drive it no babyin stuff around here.
2009-11-23 20:47:54
baptism by fire is my method of choice,
2009-11-23 21:34:44
Just drive it like your trying to save gas for 500 miles and your good. Purpose is just so the surfaces can get to know each other and get lined up and worn in right.

I normally drive mine for about 300miles though. Everyone is gonna tell you different though.
2009-11-23 21:38:15
the clutch i got from South Bend was 750 mile break-in period
2009-11-23 21:48:45
I got a Fidanza and the same clutch kit. I just took it easy with the engagements for the first week of daily driving.

At the end of the day, you have an OEM disc with OEM material. It's not going to take much breaking in I wouldn't think.
2009-11-24 00:19:57
I think ACT recommends 200 mile break-in period equal to stop and go traffic. So I guess you could expand this out to 500 miles of more highway or long city traffic.
2009-11-24 01:45:54
Just drive the car normal. I have put a clutch in on Monday and went to the track on Friday
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