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Thread: Problems after ecu install..

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2009-11-22 22:46:30
Problems after ecu install..
Hey guys,
I've been running my ve on a stock de ecu for awhile and I recently received my ecu from Oldman after he installed a daughterboard and chips and programmed it for my ve. After installing it, I've run into a couple problems. I notice my fans came on when I turn the ignition to the on position, but my fans had never worked prior to the install, CEL is on, motor is idling at 2k(I've tried to adjust it), and car hesitates when given gas and dies sometimes. Also, when first turned on after sitting for awhile, the car immediately bogs and dies. It'll start up fine the second time but all previous problems occur. Any thoughts and ideas? Ecu was programmed for ve, 333cc, n60 maf, 8k rev cut. Thanks.
2009-11-23 21:36:41
Did you run it with the 333's and the DE ecu? and then switch or were you running the stock inj with the stock ECU?
2009-11-23 23:26:48
ran it with the 333's and de ecu
2009-11-23 23:41:49
There was some type of problem when the chips were burned. They have to be erased and re-programed.
2009-11-24 00:35:39
Eek, hope mine burn properly
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