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Thread: car will not go over 2k rpm

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2009-11-17 14:29:34
car will not go over 2k rpm
jus bought a 96 200sx se-r and starts and runs fine just if you give it gas, it acts as if it has a rev limiter at 2k rpm.. same if you try to drive it of course....i have been told by a few ppl that it may be a resistor in the dist. or that it may be the ecu...just thought id get a little info before getting into it....thanks!

p.s. just bought 2...one's a parts car...may be looking to part out after i get one running..
2009-11-17 14:58:34
Is your MAF plugged in?

A buddy of mine showed me that if you unplug it and rev the motor it acts like a 2-step. Check your MAF ground and other connections, Also try and get some CRC MAF cleaner and spray that chit in there ont he resistor thingy.


2009-11-17 20:05:33
x2 on the maf. Your ecu is in "limp mode" and is more than often from a bad or disconnected maf.
2009-11-17 20:22:46
Originally Posted by WingmanSR20
x2 on the maf. Your ecu is in "limp mode" and is more than often from a bad or disconnected maf.

x3. Check out the MAF.
2009-11-17 20:48:22
awesome guys haven't tried it yet but def go now and look... thanks tons guys!!!!
2009-11-17 20:49:26
x4 on MAF. It happens
2009-11-18 01:39:08
I know on my 1.6l 200sx it overheated one time and put a ghost code out and wouldn't go over 2000rpm nissan wanted an arm and a leg to clear it. I just unhooked the battery for a day and it cleared by itself
2009-11-18 01:50:39
well before i picked this one up, there was no battery in it and he hadn't started it for a week or so....thanks for the info
2009-11-18 22:32:55
hey guys swapped out MAF from a working sr20 and no go still got the same problem any other ideas?
2009-11-18 23:46:56
did you reset the ECU?
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