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Thread: interesting calsonic muffler for you guys. check it out.

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2009-11-11 20:06:21
interesting calsonic muffler for you guys. check it out.

^that is the inlet

^closer shot of the outlet.
^better pic of the inlet.

this is the rear muffler of of iirc 04 pathfinder. i had to replace the entire exhaust on this truck the other day because the flange was to rusted on both sides to repair. this is in perfect shape tho.

ill describe the way its made inside. the first 3 inches of the pipe inside are louvered core.......yup, HOWEVER the louvers are angled away from the exhaust flow so i don't believe this will cause the horrific back pressure found on craptastic louvered core eBay mufflers. if you look close at the last pic you see a big hole. that is a small pipe angled in and toward the rear of the muffler but after that angled pipe the muffler core is solid. my theory is that some exhaust flow enters this "angled pipe" then hits a brick wall, forcing it to double back and exit the inner core of the muffler via the in angled louvers. expanding on my theory; when the sound waves that have been forced to double back merge with the new sound waves entering the muffler they somewhat cancel each other out. much like an X-pipe would on a duel exhaust.

what ya think? it is 2.5inch in and out. i dont nearly have enough time to dick around with it. i have no reason to keep this too. so if anyone is interested pm me and we can work something out.
2009-11-11 20:09:23
Hmm interesting looking, was it the muffler or resonator?
2009-11-11 20:17:15
the real muffler on a path finder is massive and in the middle of the truck. i guess you could call this the resonator and it was at the very back.
2009-11-11 20:49:48
Ah then yeah this would be good rasp suppressant, might still be loud for just a muffler, but worth a shot though.
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