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Thread: Car doesn't fully warm up with cool weather

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2009-11-05 07:58:56
Get a genuine Nissan one, always better. Had similar problems with mine, it would not warm up at all on a cold night, but i do have a 50mm all alloy radiator too.
2009-11-05 08:03:35
the one from gspec is oem
2009-11-05 13:38:58
What does ya'lls aftermarket gauge read for coolant temp coming out of the head (not post radiator) when cruising along on the highway?
2009-11-06 14:50:11
Bump, just curious what the answer to my question would be.
2009-11-06 15:01:56
I don't have an aftermarket gauge on mine. All I know is that Calumsult shows ~170 cruising down the interstate when it's warm lol.
2009-11-06 17:32:33
Originally Posted by se-riousclassic
The car warms up fine when there is warm weather and the temp gauge shows normal indication on the gauge slightly below the halfway mark. if the thermostsat was open in warm weather would the car temp warm up quickly and stay a little below the halfway nark?

Yes it does. Both my B13's have done the same thing. Warms up ok until I start driving then temp slowly drops off. Both had tstats stuck wide open. Both have been normal since replacement.

It will warm up fine to op temp then after a few miles down the road, temps start falling. You're spot on about temps, I didn't notice this in my second B13 until it got down to ~50 in the mornings. With the GTi-R radiator it cools down pretty quickly.

Lol, DJ and I drove my SCC car XC like this from CA, at night as we got further North, we had to back off a bit in the Midwest so the temps would stay reasonable. At 80-90 mph the motor would slowly go down to C. Had to skip using the heater other than as needed on the windows, too. Kinda cold in April at night in Ohio. Original on left, replacement on right:

2009-11-06 17:44:29
Originally Posted by se-riousclassic
I have a basic sr20ve setup with short ram intake with pop charger, ssac header, greddy catback, calum basic tune, and a nismo .13 bar radiator cap. The car does not like to stay warm when the weather is 50 or below. Could the radiator cap contribute to this? I just left it on after I swapped motors from a turbo setup.

All the cap is going to do is raise the b.p. of the coolant mix. The OEM is about .09 IIRC. It does not really even come into play until the radiator temps are hot.
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