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Thread: May I reccommend this...

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2009-10-18 23:03:35
May I reccommend this...
If you at all have any doubt about your fuel pump, maybe you dont know when its been changed, or even if its been changed.


I was just stranded because of my fuel pump going out in my 91 Se-R. It seemed like I was running out of gas but I had half a tank. It sputtered for a little bit, ran fine, more sputter, then died.

It sucked.

I ended up going to Autozone and buying a new one for $153 and some change.
I replaced on the side of the road (luckily I had my tools with me.)

It wasnt a very hard job but just make sure not to damage anything.
If you have any questions, hit me up. Its still pretty fresh on my mind.
2009-10-18 23:10:23
Change the fuel pump strainer, the little sock as well.
2009-10-18 23:14:03
Originally Posted by needmomoney
Change the fuel pump strainer, the little sock as well.

The pump I got from AZ auctually had a new strainer on it. Fortunately.
2009-10-19 00:33:11
There are plenty of other things that will leave you stranded on the side of the road with our cars. It's just one of those things you get used to and hope you don't break down on a long distance trip.

The thing that scares me the most is the transmission and axles. I need to start carrying extra pulley belts since I have UR Pulleys.
2009-10-19 00:41:53
Don't forget a spare clutch cable.
2009-10-19 00:52:02
For long cruises, I usually brought a bunch of spare parts just in case, throw them in the trunk, belts, wires, cables, fluids, filters, etc etc just in case if something like this happens when I'm 4 hrs away from my house.... I wont have to pay the huuuuuge towing fee
2009-10-19 01:03:53
i thought everybody had "the trip bag" when they go on a long drive.
2009-10-19 01:55:02
Originally Posted by Joekuh
i thought everybody had "the trip bag" when they go on a long drive.

I do!

2009-10-19 02:20:31
I've done countless 2k mile trips in mine without a single spare part or set of tools. Only thing to happen to me so far while on a trip was 5th gear went out on me.
2009-10-19 04:30:25
change strainer an fuel pump... or maintence your stock fuel pump and change out the strainer
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