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Thread: Fix-a-flat?

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2009-05-08 21:25:55
What's the current consensus on this stuff? In going from 4-lug hubs to 5-lug hubs on my S13, I obviously can no longer use the 4-lug spare that came with the car should the need arise. I've been trying to source a 5-lug spare but it's problematic for a number of reasons.

I know a lot of folks use AAA as their spare tire but I'm not into that...

So, with the fix-a-flat, several questions:

1. Does it actually work?
2. If it's a small puncture, does this stuff allow you to take the tire to a shop and have it patched, or does it gum up the inside so much you can't do it, and you have to buy a new tire?
3. Same question, for the wheel - is it really hard to clean off the wheel, to replace/repair the tire?

Any thoughts gratefully received.
2009-05-08 21:33:00
From what I've heard, you can't get the tire patched after you use it. So, I think it's:

1) Use the fix-a-flat, then replace tire
2) Get it plugged, if possible.

No junkyards around with tires laying around?
2009-05-08 21:38:05
I bought a little fix a flat kit from pep boys when I got a flat due to a small leak (could hear air hissing). I connected it to the valve and the green slime + air went inside. Let it sit overnight and used it for about 2 months until I sold the car. Never aired it up or got it fixed.

Came as like a little emergency kit. Was about $20 iirc
2009-05-08 21:55:58
Originally Posted by mirrortints

No junkyards around with tires laying around?

The issue is the Z32 brakes. I need a spare that will fit over them. So, from what I know for sure, it has to be a Z32 or S14 SE spare. Those cars don't exist in the junkyards anywhere near me, and I don't know if they'd fit flush into the spare tire well in the trunk anyway. The S13 trunk is small, but I still use it.

I keep meaning to call some local tire shops to see what might be available, but a can of this stuff seems much more appealing to use on an emergency basis.
2009-05-09 00:01:40
I just read that its good. It works. You can repair/plug the tire but they need to know you used fix-a-flat. You must repair it. Its unsafe to keep running the tire long term.

Fix-a-Flat Product Review - Flat Tire Repair - Discount Tire Repair

and for good measure;

Tire Repair - How to Repair Tires - Repair Tires With a Plug
2009-05-09 00:50:52
I will say this. Fix-a-flat does seem to work about half the time. However, I would strongly urge you to use it as an absolute last resort. Fix-a-flat products are very toxic and make quite a mess. In most cases, assuming the injury is in a repairable area and the tire is in otherwise decent shape, the tire can be repaired after fix-a-flat is used, however it needs to be properly removed and cleaned up. DO NOT USE IT LONG TERM! and PLEASE don't just use it on a hunch. Make sure you are sure there is a leak and that all other options are exhausted. When you take the tire to a shop to get it fixed, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE INFORM THEM THAT FIX-A-FLAT WAS USED. As I have said, it is very toxic and care needs to be taken in handling it. There is nothing worse then to be surprised by a tire full of fix-a-flat.

Personally, I would never use the stuff. And in the off chance I did, I would replace the tire instead of repairing it. However, that is just my opinion. I work at a tire shop and have a strong dislike to these products.

Originally Posted by Benito

and for good measure;

Tire Repair - How to Repair Tires - Repair Tires With a Plug

2009-05-09 01:07:12
This is a last-ditch sort of thing. Like, in place of the spare I mentioned I'm having a hard time finding. I would of course tell the tire folks it's in there before they did any work. I'm still in the thinking stage on this one.
2009-05-09 09:57:50
Don't put this **** in your tires unless it is an absolute emergency.
2009-05-09 10:00:49
yea only use in absolute emergencies..fix a flat leaves water in your tires after all of the foam and stuff sits and it actually its up your tire from the inside out. you can do patches after wards from the inside. some places like discount tires wont do it because they dont wanna get sued if something happened. but if you go to a used tire shop for like 5$ they will patch your tire from the inside..i know this cuz i hang out at my friends tire shop sometimes
2009-05-09 11:38:27
Is it true that even the "TPMS safe" fix-a-flat still damages the sensor? I've seen where they said it was safe but I don't believe it...
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