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Thread: Hydraulic Lash Adjusters

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2009-03-24 17:02:34
Hydraulic Lash Adjusters
I have a 92 SR20DE, and I believe some of my HLA's are bad. There is a ticking noise coming from the valve cover, and the engine was just rebuilt - the only thing I didn't replace in this process is the HLA's. I called the dealer, and they gave me a price of $60 each!! So I have two questions:

1. Bad HLA's will cause really nasty cam lobe wear, correct?
2. Where can I get *high quality* HLA's for a bit less? 3rd party manufacturers scare me when it comes to this stuff.

Thanks in advance, guys!
2009-03-24 17:05:09
get rr hydraulic lifters, put a wanted add up for them, yes they are expensive or find someone with a rr partout and pm them for the lifters. I didnt even put up a wanted ad for them but posted in my thread i wanted some and someone pmd me that had a set. I got them for 40 shipped.

I have the ones from a low low milage jdm head but they are the base sr20 ones. If you want them you can pm me. Since i wont be using those. They are low low milage and a very very clean head to boot.
2009-03-24 17:09:45
WOW thanks for the quick reply.
I'm not familiar with RR lifters versus the HLA/rocker arm setup. What's the difference? Can I keep my JWT S4 cams if I make the conversion?

2009-03-24 17:15:58
they are just newer design that allows better flow to keep from sticking and collapsing plus gives a lot higher tension which will be perfect for your cams, There is no difference in the height or anything like that. They are a direct swap in.
2009-03-25 17:00:39
OK, cool. Also, I'm considering going with solid lifters instead, but want to know what the disadvantages are. What are your thoughts on that?
2012-12-02 16:59:04
I'm bringing this thread back from the dead.

After poking around trying to find out why my car sounds like a Subaru, I've discovered that some of my HLA's are not collapsing (frozen in place) causing the valves to leak...especially on #4 (30 psi). I found this thread and just wanted to confirm that using RR adjusters are the way to go and it really is just plug and play. I assume the only thing I would need to do is bleed them and drop them in?

My other question is, is it possible to free up the old ones and reuse them? Or is the same thing just going to happen again down the road? It's seems really odd to me that such an important part would do this, especially with a low milage SR such as mine. It only has 78K on it and it's only had stock cams in it until recently.

Any words of wisdom or suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks.
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2012-12-02 17:03:42
Yes you can usually free them up in most cases however alot of times its due to wear on them that they stick or improper bleeding or dirty.

Yes the RR lifters are drop in and are the better way to go.

If you have sticking lifters I would just replace them. If your trying to save money, take them all out, soak them in cleaner, blast some brake cleaner through them, then drop them in some fresh oil for a couple minutes, fill the lifter ports with oil and push them down in slowly, oil should come out the side port and the top as you push them down. Make sure they turn freely. Dont try to lift them back up once they are down all the way.

Put the rockers back in and cams and good to go.
2012-12-02 18:44:29
Thanks Ashton. I'll have to hit Greg up for a price on some new ones.
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