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Thread: Time for poly bushings. Whos the cheapest?

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2009-03-08 23:23:11
Time for poly bushings. Whos the cheapest?
Just as the title states. Im just wondering if anyone has found cheaper than ebay? $140 for a b13.

Also, whats the big deal with black or red. I know black is impregnated and you have to manually grease the red but so what? Ive heard the red is noisy and the blacks are not.

lets here some feedback from people who have experienced BOTH.

Thanks in advance.
2009-03-08 23:44:46
Bushings for what? You mean the entire chassis? You talking about ES brand only?

Didn't know there was a difference between black and red, just a color preference. Mine are all black because red is silly.
2009-03-08 23:45:39
i have the blacks and they are not noisy at all. I got my hyperflex kit from summit for $114, but that was a year ago. looks like all they have now is the red and its 134. I would highly recommend summit to buy from, they ship really fast and if there is an issue, they take care of it very quickly
2009-03-09 02:08:52
Yeah sorry, Im talking about the entire kit for the b13.
Im new so the only one ive ever came across so far is the ES kit. I am unaware of any other brand.

As for black vs red bushings, This is what ive "HEARD"...
red needs grease and occasionally needs to be regreased as time goes on. They will eventually start squeaking when they need to be regreased.

Black on the other hand is impregnated with graphite which basically acts as the grease does for the red bushings. So Black seems like it would be the best choice in the long run due to less maintenance.

Ive also heard that red vs black feel different then each other but cant remember which is what.

So, Im basically just looking for information from people who have experience with BOTH colors.
2009-03-09 02:25:23
I've been thinking about getting one of the master kits, but I agree with Ben, that I don't care to have a bunch of red bushings, just seems like something a Honda driver would do!

I'm thinking I'll just grab a kit and replace bushings as I do other work, although I should have started that a loooong time ago.
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