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Thread: how do i bypass rev limiter

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2009-03-07 17:10:31
Originally Posted by HKS

CUT ground wire to dist connect it to str8 to rpm signal wire on S-afc .im not very good with electrical so you might still have to coonect to wire goin to ecu to something.

your rpms should still show on s-afc but your cluster nor your ecu wont know whats goin on..

this is based on theory and i would not try it EVER.

IF THE ECU doesnt know what rpms your at it shouldnt have a limiter an this would be based tried on b13,p10 wiring harness.. again.. dont fukin do this.. call CALUM its dirt cheap with fukin quality work. dont be gay. an risk lossing hp due to chopped harness.

Would this not also ruin your fuel and ignition maps? ECU would be in limp mode no?
2009-03-07 17:22:16
? dont try it. i wouldnt

2009-03-07 17:27:49
Shift from 3rd to 2nd at redline. Done.
2009-03-07 17:36:38
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Shift from 3rd to 2nd at redline. Done.

FTW works everytime
2009-03-07 18:25:53
2009-03-07 18:59:37
lol you guys are funny, yeah dont mess with the ecu or distributor electrical, you could cut the ecu's rpm input wire and your tach would still work, your ecu's signal wire comes from the cluster, the distro feeds the signal to the tach and then to the ecu. So yeah but dont do it cuz it would most definetly screw your timing and fuel maps up.

So get a calum ecu for 105.00 if you want to bypass it although i dont suggest it (ask me why) haha.
2009-03-08 04:40:13
well how high do u want to rev

and if u have a B14 get an G20 ECU it will at least raise the rev limit and cut the speed cut
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