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Thread: Coil on plug ....

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2010-09-08 18:23:52
I'm familiar with those blue Bosch VW Beetle coils. I considered using one on my car at some point before I went to the COP just because I wasn't sure how the stock system worked at that time. If you want to do something like that, that's perfectly fine. I don't know how much help it will be, but as long as it has one high voltage output and two terminals for charging you should be able to make it work no problem on your car. You'll just need to cut the plug off of your harness and connect the wires bare.
2010-09-08 18:34:40
^ how much better are the vw beetle coils than the stock nissan coils?
2010-09-08 18:45:50
Well the stock VW beetle ones are probably total crap. The replacement aftermarket "upgraded" Bosch and MSD ones and such are reportedly good. Compared to stock Nissan? Maybe a bit better, maybe a lot better, maybe worse. I have no clue. =(
2010-09-08 19:07:15
oh yeah probably hard to tell without a defininate comparsion
2010-09-08 22:32:53
So it's not known what our coils are rated?

That Beetle coil comes really cheap. Even overhere.

I don't want to cut wiring, hoping to find a female for it, but then I would spend theh €27 just to find out.

However, I mixed up some coil stuff I suppose, this one, the flame thrower, claims 45000 volts and is priced €47

That would make me expect these parts come roughly in half price in $ in America.

So such stuff does exist for older cars, where do we get our upgrades then?
2010-09-08 22:51:46
I don't think our cars were popular enough to get OEM-style upgraded coils from aftermarket companies. Maybe they are out there somewhere, I just don't know of them. Also our coils aren't deficient, another likely reason there's no aftermarket.
2010-09-08 23:06:16
at what level of power do you feel our coils or stock ignition system does become deficent? at what level does it become a situation like ok your limitation is now your ignition system?

or do you feel there really isnt that limitation there?
2010-09-08 23:22:47
Miko already chimed in on that topic in post #5 of this very thread.

I think the internal coil on the later models is good for 350-400 WHP. The external coil on the earlier cars is good for more power, and I think people have made it into the 450-500 WHP area on a completely stock ignition. I think Ashton has made even more on a stock ignition. I certainly would worry about it unless I was trying to make massive power.

Miko made a post about using four stock coils in a coil-near-plug configuration and saying that you should be good for four times the power that one coil can provide. I don't think that's how it works, because the spark needs don't rise linearly with the power produced. I don't think one coil replaced with four of the same coil would produce much more of a stronger spark per firing event. I'm pretty sure four stock coils would only get you a tad bit more power capability than one stock coil.

We're both in agreement that the stock ignition is very good, and doesn't become a problem until you reach huge power levels.
2010-09-08 23:31:16
I have a NA SR20DE so in that aspect the stock ignition is no limitation at all. I have no experience with spark blow out or even running a car with a bad spark, since it should be blue and audible.

However, I noticed the SR20DE coil is used in a 1.2 engined car, and about this car people say all the time, it is fuel efficient, it drives great and compared to other road users, it's fairly ok and in city just great.

such things make me wonder.

Then, I always had crap ignition on my moped, tested a lot of spark brands and it is true what they say about them. I didn't know about coil yet but cabling and that cap that connects the spark in bad shape became noticeble.

I replaced my coil for another second hand coil, it didn't look like it was newer then the car, and that made quite a difference. On the other hand the old coil worked fine on that car. Just lack of power, especially in low.

Other people tell me, a coil? pahh, doesn't wear, if it works it works. I've seen with my own eyes on a Datsun, that is not the case. Little white spark or even no visible spark in dark environment but car starts and plugging and unplugging that connector of the spark told me it was running on 4 or 3 cylinders. Yet no spark at the new cable and the cap.

All in all i believe I really want a affordable billion Volts spark on my NGK plug with original Nissan rotor. Since I can't really test the coil I have now that is noticably better, I start wondering what a better coil would do.

That wil cost between $60 and $160, so I believe there is some room to play with.

The connector not the same is really a no go for me, I'm not gonna cut in the engine loom. However I just replaced my fuel gauge sensor and just hoping that female connector can be used to connect with the engine loom.

Also, I don't really know how to get the proper connector but I'm willing to take the risk with a chosen coil, if I in some way, can spare the loom.

I just believe all ignitions are limited in some way, I mean, if the spark doesn't blow out, the ignition system is good, I agree. But sidegapping and indexing seems to work. There is noticable difference in cabling, and even more in a Nissan rotor or a cheap one.

Also, NGK plugs are great compared to Champion's for example.

All in all, people telling me a coil doesn't wear, only can fail, I know that is not the case, on the other hand to not come with a fuel economy conspiracy idea, I would accept the idea that a coil won't last 15 years or so if it would be producing huge spark, the windings are thin and a coil does produce heat, especially when the rest of the igntion is in bad shape.

That Datsun was driven till it died on corrosion and other ignition issues. Trying over and over with a weak but running engine, made the coil heat up.

The little white spark which was orange before with some blue in it just of new plugs, became (almost) invisible, after the owner demanded maximum speed of the car. It died at 160kmh (100mph) and that was it.

He didn;t know about spark colour and fat spark or not. He kept telling me he didn't understand the car died on him.

I believe that a huge spark is worthwhile to go after. Maybe that $100 or so is spent better somewhere else. But I would pay such amount for the best single coil for the SR20DE, home improved and ehmm. how u say. Fixed.
2012-02-05 17:53:16
Ok lets bring this back from the dead, so im gonna be shooting for over 600hp on my RWD VVL Turbo , Gonna get an AEM EMS for GTIR and use a 91-94 or GTIR Harness and Distributor , Im just learning that I can use 4 Coils with this setup. I have an MSD Digital 6 and 10.2 Plug Wires already but I could sell it though, Whats the better option:

1. MSD Digital 6 and 1 Blue HVC Coil and 10.2 Plug Wires
2. AEM Ignition Box and AEM Coil and 10.2 Plug Wires
3. AEM Ignition Box with Four AEM Coils and Plug Wires
4. AEM Ignition Box with Four of those cheap Pencil Coils

I did see a guy say dont buy the AEM Ignition box though.
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