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Thread: Engine Block Heater (EDIT* Now with actual install pics)

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2009-01-15 21:53:11
Does Nissan recommend using the block heater below certain temperatures or when do you know when you should use one? Very interesting, thanks for the pictures.
2009-02-20 13:32:09
I did another test. Overnight temps were about 14°C (57.2°F). I plugged the heater in and about 30 minutes later it had warmed the engine to 40°C (104°F). It wouldn't warm past that. So either it has a built in thermostat, or it can only manage to raise the block heat about 25°C (77°F) above ambient. I'm pretty sure because of the speed that it warms (quickly) it has a built in thermostat.
2009-02-20 16:31:29
I had one in my datsun 510 in high school. (No I had no idea what I had in my hands back then, did everything I could to get rid of it... ) I installed it after a winter where it got so cold it was frozen to the ground and couldn't get it started. It sat at my high school from feb til april. Sucked.
2015-01-11 15:49:24
Time to bump this thread with new info.

If you install aftermarket block heater, they don't mount to the rear of the engine. They go on the front. There are pros & cons to both types, installing it on the front is easier, but there are no threads in the freeze plugs there, so you rely only on a rubber o-ring to contain your coolant.

Here's how I mounted my Defa 230V block heater..

More pics at buildthread: http://www.sr20-forum.com/members-rides/54209-dala-s-nx2000-56k-heavy-6.html
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