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Thread: Slipping clutch. Possible bad drivetrain?

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2008-11-23 15:31:19
Originally Posted by xCONWRATHx
Just curious, how old was the clutch and did you beat on it at all?

I believe it has about 45k on it. I bought the car from an sr20forum member so I'm not entirely sure..... Also, this was the first car that I learned to drive stick in. :o..... And, a year later when my wife and I only had this car and my work truck to drive in I taught my wife to drive stick in the NX as well.

Hmmm.... I think I'm beginning to see the light... It's becoming a bit more evident that it's the clutch. Either way, tomorrow will be the day that it gets taken apart.

Then the problem will be evident.
2008-11-23 15:38:01
noise; shifter ball(pivot point) not lubed or bushings are bad somewere

clutch slipping; just bad, replace it. mines isnt as bad yet..but at 40 mph in 3rd gear i can get the motor to rev and not go anywhere.....

you know wen yoour clutch is getting fried wne you shift from first to second and you dont go anywhere and the tach is stuck at 5.5k !!!!!

i will be replacing mine soon if i get a clutch kit for christmas......(it pays being a dad)
2008-11-24 20:09:18
Its official guys, here is what I now have to buy.

A throw-out bearing

A pressure plate

A clutch.

Now I have to search and find out the good the bad and the ugly. Oh well.

While I do that, any suggestions on what too get? I plan on going boost, max whp I would go is about 300whp.
2008-11-24 21:45:53
2008-11-24 21:47:44

Bless you sir.
2008-11-24 21:58:40
yep, clutch is a gonner. it happens. The creek is the shifter bushing creeking, It too happens if not lubed. The bushing isnt soo much a concern as the clutch. lol well duh, haha
2008-11-24 23:00:01
it's a good thing clutches on our cars are easy to replace
2008-12-03 04:56:49
Updates guy!

I replaced my clutch and pressure plate with an ACT 6 puck sprung disk and an ACT Heavy duty pressure plate, while I was at it I also replaced the stock flywheel with a Fidanza flywheel.

While this was done I also had the Stillen pop charger put in, and changed my oil with Royal Purple 5W-30 full synthetic (I hear it's good stuff).

The car pulls great, but in 1st it doesn't seem as responsive as I think it should till about 4500 RPM then the tires spin. lol. Probably because of my Toyo's.

The part that sucks NOW is that my speedometer, odometer, and trip meter don't work now! UGH!
2008-12-03 05:11:12
The guy might have forgotten to hook up the speedo sensor and the Crank Position Sensor..
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