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Thread: What have you done to ensure your B13 and wheels aren't stolen?

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2008-11-06 21:58:54
What have you done to ensure your B13 and wheels aren't stolen?
I am concerned that my new ride is going to get snatched up as soon as I get the car out and about and people see what it has done to it.
I am wondering what people have done to their stock locks if anything or other easy to do security measures to ensure their car/wheels aren't stolen.
2008-11-06 22:13:07
I have crappy rattle can chipping paint and curb rash on mine does that count nobody has stolen them yet so I guess it's working.

I think there are some car alarms that will go off if the car is tipped to one side too far, like from someone jacking the car up. That might be something to look into
2008-11-07 00:07:00
have 3 diffrent set of key locks that should give them a shock.
2008-11-07 00:21:46
You can super glue your finger print to the back of them. In case they do get jacked. That way if you find them you can prove that they're yours.
2008-11-07 00:38:27
Everyone in my area wants the H badge so they leave my POS SE-R alone.
2008-11-07 21:32:45
i have 4 diffrent locks on my car.. pain in the ass to take them off but it will deter would be theifs away
2008-11-07 21:55:54
Can't help you with the wheels, lock nuts are pretty much your only bet.

But, for the car, you should get one of these in the link below. It's a shifterlock. A plate installs on your chassis, and the lock then locks your shifter down in either Reverse or 5th gear. And with your exchange rate, it pretty much costs you nothing.

Gearlock (external) | Autostyle Motorsport
2008-11-07 21:59:23
Right on thanks for the tips.

HOw does this gearlock work exactly? I don't quite understand the concept as it looks to be just a normal lock?
2008-11-07 22:17:34
Here's a pic of mine installed. It locks the shifter in Reverse, making it hard for thiefs to drive it away. You can also mount it on the side, so it locks in 5th gear, which is even safer.

2008-11-07 22:20:43
Do you have any more detailed pictures you can post up so I can see how you mounted it to your center consol etc.. please ?
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