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Thread: timing question...

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2008-10-13 05:37:17
timing question...
Hi... did a little search, didn't solve my doubt... i wrongly filled up the car with lower octane gas... noticed some hesitation on the engine, i've got the timing slightly advanced.... used the gas up fast and trew again in some higher octane, no knoking problems... should i re-do my timing? or did it stay the same and i shouldn't go trough the trouble of re-doing it...... thanx
2008-10-13 06:04:40
Timing will be fine, you shouldn't have to adjust it. Just make sure you don't use lower octane fuel when you have your timing advanced.
2008-10-13 07:23:52
Your timing will retard if your ecu detects knock. After you fill her back up with "the good stuff" the ecu will revert back to its normal map with your advanced base timing. No need to worry.

In the future if you accidentally fill up with the wrong fuel, just go easy and try and keep load off the motor as much as possible, but a little knock never hurts..

2008-10-13 07:40:17
thanks... i was actually worried with this one...
2008-10-13 17:54:14
If you fill it up with lower octane why not just put octane boost in? Its not that expensive.
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