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Thread: VRS Catback? What do you have?

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2008-01-02 22:52:48
Hokay, fella, NOW yer gonna hafta come play at BigB's autocrosses down here :-). 'Course, at 80 hour weeks thru the whole circle track season not sure that's possible. At any rate, lookin' forward to spending a day with ya at one of these things of yours and getting to see the fruits of your labor. AND doing the requisite beer together.
2008-01-02 23:20:07
Originally Posted by Danja
I've heard some VERY good things about the VRS catback. I would have bought it myself, except I needed a full engine back exhaust and the Megan racing kit was cheaper because it came with everything. Actually I made a list of exhaust stuff that you might find helpful when I was looking to buy. Check some of them out:


Megan Racing Catback NA Type

Megan Catback

VRS Catback (2.5 in)
Alumized - $320.00
Stainless - $420.00

Pacesetter Monza

HKS Sport

DYnomax Catback


T-Pros Stainless Header/downpipe

Generic EBStores Header/downpipe

Megan Stainless Header/downpipe

SSAutochrome Header/downpipe

Pacesetter Header/downpipe

Pacesetter Silver Ceramic Coated


Top Speed Chrome Header

FUll Systems:

Megan Full Combo

T-Pros Full Combo

Dang man,, thats awsome you went that much trouble to help out,,, Thanks!

looks like I may have been able to save a few bucks but oh well.. I'm ok with what I've done to my Egg as far as items... I've done alot of reading and searching and listening to friends on what and how to get the best bang for my money.. again Thanks for the info.. it will come in handy when I tackle my next Egg

Originally Posted by jerryeads
Hokay, fella, NOW yer gonna hafta come play at BigB's autocrosses down here :-). 'Course, at 80 hour weeks thru the whole circle track season not sure that's possible. At any rate, lookin' forward to spending a day with ya at one of these things of yours and getting to see the fruits of your labor. AND doing the requisite beer together.

oh believe me Jerr we will down a few brews and talk Nascar and SR20..

and can't wait to run around on a roadcourse in my Egg ... that way I can open it up alittle and see what it has inside.. oh and be legal doing it.. maybe by then I'll have my ZEX kit installed...

this yr in Nascar is going to be GREAT.. lots of hard work and long hr's but hey I love what I do and I'm still in my growing pains in this sport,, hell I can't stop now.. this pain has it's rewards... I'm not sure how many Nascar fans we have on the SR20-forum but when do you get a chance to talk or crack up with a driver thats been there and done that?? I've tinted all of Martin Truex's rides, Richard Childress, several crew chiefs and the guys who make things happen on race day.. it's cool to be around this life style..
2008-01-03 02:01:44
Originally Posted by Mike
Now if your saying the oval is better looking than the round I'll have to agree. It is

Originally Posted by paNX2K&SE-R
Oval mufflers are more quiet than round b/c the larger cases have more sound dampening capacity/ability.

My round sounds great, I just prefer the look of the oval. I'm going to pick up an oval Magnaflow pretty soon, if it's noticeably quieter, that's a bonus.
2008-01-07 23:55:12
I GOT MY VRS today,,
2008-01-18 18:17:51
how big is the piping for the hks exhaust? it doesnt say on the site.
2008-01-18 18:21:15
pipe-60mm tip-83mm for the hks sport
2008-01-18 23:27:53
Alright, turbo guys, this question is for you. I am planning on a T25 setup w/ 3" dp. Recently, I installed a 3" VRS piping kit with, 3" catco cat, no resonator and 3" oval straight thru muffler and I am still NA. It's not too bad if you don't rev past 4K but on the highway doing 75-80, the drone is pretty bad. If I have a headache, I would not event think about driving my car.

My question is this... Would it get quieter when I go boost? I don't expect much but at least some? Or, do you think I should shop for the longest resonator I can fit underneath?

2008-01-19 02:32:06
as far as it being more quiet it depends on a few things i would say that setup with turbo would be moderately quiet if you want quiet tho i would go for the longer res you can find
2008-01-20 03:26:38
I installed my VRS friday after work,,, HOLY CRAP it is very LOUD..

It took a few hours to complete because of a few issues I ran into, one was the egr tube was hard to break loose(had to heat it up and soak it with blaster) but everything worked out ... I have an 18 inch res. with the Magnaflow muffler with 4 inch tip,,, but not cat for now! I'm going to put one on it next week in hopes to tone it down a bit..in place of the cat I just used a test pipe. I wanted to see what it would sound like.. LOL . ....

Don't get me wrong it sounds GREAT (very deep) ,, not high pitch here believe me!! however when I kick it everyone for 3 mi can hear it ...

I have some pic's but need to take better ones and I will post them next week after cat install.. but heres a few

2008-01-20 03:37:02
I tis loud because you are NA and don't have a cat installed. Don't run that pipe and put the stock cat in and you will be all set. It has been proven many times that stock cats that aren't clogged don't diminish horsepower or add much in backpressure on our cars so you should run one!

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