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Thread: VRS Catback? What do you have?

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2007-12-21 04:34:25
Originally Posted by Tearoffguy
awsome! thanks.. I rode in happynoles Egg and it was really aggressive I loved it... I think he has VRS,, I'll gotta get up with him to make sure ,, for some reason I just can't remember.BTW his Egg is sweeeeettt

Thanks for the props. I submitted pics of "happy" for the calendar.

When you rode in my car, I had a Stromung mid pipe and a Borla axle back section. I have since had a custom mandrel bent exhaust made. It is all 2.5" with an 18" Dynomax resonator and a Dynomax muffler with a 2.5" tip. Super stealthy looking with a real nice growl at full chirp. Rodney has heard it and thought it sounded mean as well. I'll try to get a clip and post it up.

2007-12-21 04:39:43
I've heard some VERY good things about the VRS catback. I would have bought it myself, except I needed a full engine back exhaust and the Megan racing kit was cheaper because it came with everything. Actually I made a list of exhaust stuff that you might find helpful when I was looking to buy. Check some of them out:


Megan Racing Catback NA Type

Megan Catback

VRS Catback (2.5 in)
Alumized - $320.00
Stainless - $420.00

Pacesetter Monza

HKS Sport

DYnomax Catback


T-Pros Stainless Header/downpipe

Generic EBStores Header/downpipe

Megan Stainless Header/downpipe

SSAutochrome Header/downpipe

Pacesetter Header/downpipe

Pacesetter Silver Ceramic Coated


Top Speed Chrome Header

FUll Systems:

Megan Full Combo

T-Pros Full Combo
2007-12-21 04:57:49
Originally Posted by CovertRussian
True true...

Here is my ebay one... got it from a member

= Loud rice cooker

So I swapped the muffler to this:

= Not as loud, stealthy

definitly like the black exhaust much better for sound and looks
2007-12-21 05:11:45
Originally Posted by GT2871RBLUBIRD
definitly like the black exhaust much better for sound and looks

Yep Still the advantage of free flowing just not so flashy for the cops etc. All my friends were picking on me for having a huge exhaust, but now this one is smaller then my stocker haha.
2007-12-21 05:24:41
I run a 3" VRS on mine with a Borla muffler.
2007-12-21 05:27:11
Absolutely love my Stainless VRS 3" Turbo-back. Nice, deep, mellow, and doesn't scream until I get on it.

I wouldn't personally go 3" if N/A, though. Sounded really ricey with the MR 2 piece header, on a 3" exhaust. I'd go with a 2.5" resonated exhaust for N/A.
2007-12-21 05:30:16
I think I had heard that for the VRS catback you needed to have it welded on? It doesn't come with the flange or something? Am I just plain wrong about this?
2007-12-21 06:18:11
Nope. It CAN be welded, but all you really need to get is an exhaust clamp. It comes with all flanges to the rear end (muffler) and to the cat. It's a two piece between the cat and the muffler flange, which is where you need to use a clamp. I'm using the clamp for now, but will get it welded to make it more permanent.
2007-12-21 06:32:55
Ok I get it, my catback has a flange between axle back and catback, so no clamps are needed. I think that's the case with most other catbacks than VRS.
2007-12-21 15:38:12
You can buy bolt on cat-backs that are ready to go on the car when you pull them out of the box from VRS, or you can buy piping kits that need to be assembled.
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