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Thread: Nissan about to drop the ball again

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2012-07-18 01:39:23
Is it just me or does this car look like a Macdonalds happy meal toy?
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2012-07-18 01:43:37
Originally Posted by MCarp22
Originally Posted by Kyle
And it probably has a beam in it!

Fastest FWD around the nurburgring has a beam.


Dozens of vehicles aimed towards satisfying the Nurburgring is ignorant.

EDIT: " as well as the innovative PerfoHub independent steering axis front suspension set-up, which virtually eliminates torque steer." Would love to learn about that part of the Renault Megane Trophy. 265hp 2.0L Turbo?
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2012-07-18 02:02:05
I found its daddy

2012-07-18 02:23:21
Originally Posted by Kyle
Would love to learn about that part of the Renault Megane Trophy.

It's basically the front suspension from a G20, but done as a strut instead of a double wishbone.

2012-07-18 02:35:42
Bah you are all right.
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2012-07-18 02:44:06
I like the suspension to, my only issue is there are a lot of wear parts. I do like the ease at which we would be able to change out shocks/struts/springs.

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2012-07-18 02:55:20

JUST PUT THE JUKE DRIVETRAIN IN THE NEXT SE-R. It's that simple. My goodness. No need to make an entirely different model. They treat it like it's rocket science. Their going to blow money on this ugly mess and it won't sell. All you have to do is make the SE-R more competitive if you're making it FWD. I applaud their enthusiasm but man, they just don't get it.

They have to attack the weaknesses of the BRZ/FR-S, which in my opinion is practicality and relatively low power. You're not going to beat handeling. Just face it, especially if they are doing FWD.

Good luck Ren...er Nissan.
2012-07-18 03:10:28
For cripes sake, who cares about the suspension, that thing is horrid! Looks like the New Beetle, a Fiat 500 and the Leaf had a threesome and they all want to forget about it.

Someone get me the name and email address of the tit head over at Nissan who gave this thing the thumbs up. Or would that be the "thumbs in"?

2012-07-18 03:14:56
Jesus Christ, look at the roof. It has a receding hairline!
2012-07-18 03:22:47
Originally Posted by Andreas
Renault is not getting my money anymore. They can fuck off.


Ever since those French bastards took over, company has been down hill. FYI Nissan and Renault started in 1999, ever since then Nissan cars have been going down hill quickly.

Originally Posted by Kyle
That looks glorious to me. Quasi-strut based looks nice. I would not even call that a strut!!!!

I like that suspension a lot. those three little balls are where the turning goes into while the strut can handle the compression and rebound as they should and let the steering do what it needs to do.

With that front suspension, beam it up and be successful is apparent. That is a great suspension, Michael.

Anti-Rotation Link ftmfw.

Wait wait, what's going on here, am shocked that you like that POS suspension. All the weight and complexity of a Multi-link, bust till no negative camber. Sounds like a loose loose to me.
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