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Thread: looking at rx-7's

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2012-06-06 04:11:52
looking at rx-7's
Ive fell inlove again with the rotory goddess . It sorta started last week on my vacation when i took a test drive in a sexy 93 twin turbo. I had a 83 boosted 13b and it was a blast in quarter mile but never set up to handle the turns. I built 3 rotory motors so im not new to it. The fd chasis is what im looking at or even the fc . The fb is too tight to work on and parts are limited . I like the 50/50 balance of the fd but It needs a bit more power . But thats not hard to achive .
It time for me to make a change . Ive been apart of this comunity and had se-r's for the past 19 years but I think i need to move on for awhile . I love my b13 but honestly its not worth anything and i cant see putting another penny into it. Its truely sad these cars dont hold value . Ive met some realy nice members over the years and will never forget it. I will still have the datsun 510

Please chime in on your thoughts or maybe talk me off the ledge lol. Or chat about your rotory experince..
2012-06-06 04:51:36
Do it brother, if you're heart is set on it don't look back. I'm also in the same predicament, I'm been browsing lately for a pre-90's 911s, always been my most wanted car since I ever started loving cars. Hopefully within the next year or 2, I can acquire a rust-free 911. Pricing for the 911 have been holding steady, mostly the 70's models have garnish more value. But I'm always in the look out.
2012-06-06 04:57:39
Sell me the dime, have fun in rotary land!
2012-06-06 13:07:44
My budy has a 88 Turbo2 for sale mint, needs engine work.
2012-06-06 14:07:53
In the next year or two, I will have essentially finished my Classic.

I'm buying a 71-78 Z-car of some sort next. No doubt about it.

However, I'm never going to leave this community or sell my Classic. I'll just be updating my Members Rides Z-Thread.

Have fun with RX-7, great little sports cars, but don't a stranger.
2012-06-06 14:36:47
I would like to point something out here. Alot of people back in the 80's and 90's had 70's 510, Celica, and cars that looked like shit. A lot of people were like, "why am I putting all this money into the POS, w/ a small engine."

Now we are in 2010's and good luck finding one that is in great shape. That is not being sold for $$$ because of how rare it is.

The thing I would like to point out is those of you that have true SER's your time is coming. Right now these are get more and more rare (real SER's not like what I have SE). There will come a time where you are going to kick your self in the ass and wonder why you sold it. Then you will have to go through the PITA process of trying to find another.

I'm not saying do not go buy yourself something nice. I did/do, still find my self scrounging around for an S30/130 2 seater, 510, 69.5 roadster, 240sx, & 200sx (old RWD not FWD). But, keep your car, keep it maintained (in other words build it and be happy with it), you may find your self in the end getting more then what you put into it in life experience and monetary.

I still go to Zcar Nationals, Zfest, etc... And I'm building the B13 before I start on the 350. I plan on keeping both.
2012-06-06 17:22:53
Belive me i love my b13 but its not making me happy anymore ive feel as thought ive reached my peak an there is nothing i can do to change my mind . I just dont see them ever reaching collector car status and it sucks . My 510 has that status wich is why I'm sticking to to plan with it. I feel every step forward i take brings me three steps back with the b13. Sure prob regret getting rid if it some day but by then the 510 and rx-7 will fill that gap. I look at some of these b13's on here like sericans, shawnb's and just feel I'll never be at that level . My b13 once was a trophy winner but that was years back . Times change .

I will be starting a build thread soon on the 510. And as god as my witness I will be at bext years convention in the datsun .
2012-06-06 17:25:35
I have an 88 s10
2012-06-06 18:09:26
B13 will certainly reach celebrity status before any other SR20-powered chassis does. It is the new-aged 510.

Less and less exist as times go on.

Keith, sell me your B13! I will stick it in a garage and wait until the day comes!
2012-06-06 18:38:32
Originally Posted by Viprdude
Keith, sell me your B13! I will stick it in a garage and wait until the day comes!

Oh knows, look like we got another Manny that wants to buy up everything!
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