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Thread: FRS is here!

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2012-10-23 00:25:20

Giggity giggity, alll riiight.
2012-10-23 00:42:40
Finally got it huh Jeremy?
2012-10-23 00:54:13
Hell ya man. Went down and picked it up on Saturday. lol. It was a funny story.
2012-10-23 00:59:45
Nice, how are you liking it so far.
2012-10-23 01:02:44
Looks slow
2012-10-23 01:02:50
My buddy andy told me on Friday that a dealer in SLC had one. I decided to go check it out, but it was already detailed and I figured it was sold. It had a few more options than the one I ordered too. Saturday morning I just decided on a whim that I would call the dealer. My coworker was egging me on. He said I got nothing to lose. So I called them up and asked if it was already sold. They told me they would have to call me back.

After about an hour, they called me back and told me it was available and I should come test drive it. I told them I would be there in 30 min to buy it.

I drove the WRX before I signed for the BRZ. The WRX has a much better feeling clutch, is very roomy, and let the haters hate the exhaust note, but it sounded bad ass.

The WRX had a heap of torque and wide gears so it felt pretty decent, but it was soft around corners, the seats aren't as nice, no navigation, and the shifter felt rubbery. The rubbery feel can easily be remedied though. But that clutch felt beefy.

The BRZ was quieter on wind noise, but louder on road noise. The WRX was a little bit more relaxed to drive. Roomy, comfortable. But the BRZ just seems more eager. The steering ratio and factory suspension feel like an EVO. Very tight steering. I was surprised with the amount of feedback and bump steer that pretty much every car feels numb anymore. The BRZ feels great.

It is only 200hp though. It produces very good low end for the small engine. It is easy to get sideways in 1st to whip around for a u-turn. The engine has a very nice throaty note to it. It sounds fantastic to me, granted the aural pleasure of a VVL @ 9k in more intoxicating, this engine seems more "frisky" and willing to play. The VVL is a beast waiting to be unleashed.

I just set up the homelink garage door opener. May sound like something a lot of you have had before, but I've never had the joys of this new technology in new cars. This car is by far the nicest car I've owned.

I'm so excited right now I just want to go drive it. I'm at 180 miles. Not going to be broken in by dyno day, but I am still debating dynoing it. I might, or I might not.

Thursday the car goes in for clearbra install. yeah buddy!
2012-10-23 01:07:36
Its just crazy because the dealer said they would have one this month, same color I ordered. They said it would be mine, but it turned out to be automatic. Then they told me it wouldn't be here until February. I was kinda upset, but I figured 4 months with only one car wouldn't kill me. When this one turned up I had to jump on it.

7 miles on the odometer. I asked them NOT to detail it, and drove off 2 hours later. So sweet!
2012-10-23 01:21:14
Nice, Congrats man.
2012-10-23 01:29:18
Thanks ashton. I plan on fully enjoying this car. I really wanted an S chassis, but around here they are all beat up, rusty, or just too much work and not half as nice as the BRZ.

One day Nissan will make a car I will wanna buy. A 370Z with rear seats and a diet sounds good to me.
2012-10-23 01:33:08
Everyone who has seen the car in person loves the wheels. WTH?
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