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Thread: Cars spotted, garage pics, driveway pics, misc pics of random car work.

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2010-09-27 02:08:08
Hehehe, nice! Do the quite a bit larger circumference tires serve another purpose then looking good? Huge boost or maybe another ratio? ???
2010-09-27 02:24:36
Those look like Keizer (sp?) wheels. I'm sure the new S13 will end up even more baller than the last!
2010-09-27 02:51:10
good ole carolina chassis dyno, looks like yall dyno'd a bunch of stuff
2010-09-27 04:32:19
Originally Posted by BenFenner

Moarrr details on those wheels please? those would make a nice set of winter rims!
2010-10-21 18:49:29
Fullah those are "Aero Race Wheels" as found on Summit and other sites. I believe they were 15" x 8" but I don't remember for sure and as for the backspacing, you'd have to ask Dan and see if he remembers.
2010-10-21 18:50:57
Facebook album permalink (in case the images don't show up in the future).

Turbo manifold pieces for the S13.

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2011-02-01 16:05:48
Facebook album permalink (in case the images don't show up in the future).

While doing my 5th engine swap I was borrowing the use of another buddy's garage. Our friend's Mazda 323 GTX was there so I took a few pics.

And you thought the Sentra was small.

Car in the garage for engine removal.

RWD Corolla project car out with the GTX.

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2011-02-05 15:49:37
Looking good ....we stripped my GSXR 1000 down to the frame last night in my garage , so I have a lot more room now ...
2011-02-17 19:35:32
More on the 323 GTX: AWD........ Turbocharged....... MAZDA!? - G20.net - Forums
2011-06-13 18:24:31
Facebook album permalink.

This was back in the day. The car is sold now.
My brother's SE-R needed a new clutch and while it was out we preemptively replaced 5th gear with the new style.

This is how you offer moral support. Browsing the Internet and heckling the repair work.

ER no O. (Egg fried rice, no onions.)

It is starting to get late. This might be the last you see of my brother. I started taking over the wrenching and while we replaced 5th gear that night/morning, we left the installation of the transmission for the morning.

I guess this is the morning?

And then nighttime again?

Okay I really am not following the order of these pics.

And we're done? :o
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