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Thread: Cars spotted, garage pics, driveway pics, misc pics of random car work.

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2011-06-15 18:28:12
you guys work so cleanly. my white shirt would've turned black pulling that tranny
2011-06-15 19:43:51
Originally Posted by BenFenner

What are the jackstands under in this pic? And where are you guys doing this work? It almost looks like a park parking lot lol
2011-06-15 23:03:21
Ben what is your job in the military?
2011-06-16 01:16:39
Originally Posted by jer_760
What are the jackstands under in this pic? And where are you guys doing this work? It almost looks like a park parking lot lol
The jackstands are under the lower radiator support where it meets the frame rail. That's a favorite spot of mine to use.
This is the run-down parking area of the crappy apartment I lived in at the time. Just next door in the "nice" apartments they had a covered garage area so I did a ghetto rod bearing swap there that took a week once (parts were slow to arrive). =D

Originally Posted by Agent
Ben what is your job in the military?
Did you see a picture with military stuff in it? If so, likely that's Dan Martin, and his father was a pilot for the Army (helicopters) as well as running the vehicle paint booth after a student he was teaching crashed the helicopter in training.
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2011-06-16 03:19:21
I feel bad about leaving her in there all alone.....

2011-06-16 03:35:38
she needs her room
2011-06-16 03:40:02
slowly getting to the head so i can take it off

2011-06-16 03:45:26
Dit is wel heel slecht zeg ((common) Dutch expression)
2011-08-02 21:06:44
Facebook album permalink.

The Beetle is going under the knife again. The newest water pump shit the bed. I think it lasted one year? It was an Advanced Auto unit so I didn't have a lot of faith but 12 months is just insane. It took the timing belt out with it, so while I was ordering parts I got some other stuff. Ordered parts from [url]www.germanautoparts.com[/url] and they are awesome.

The dipsticks on these cars are made of breadcrumbs, so on the last oil change it broke. Watch out! 40k miles is all it takes to do one in.
New dipstick.

I think this new one is made of egg shells.

Guess what time of year it is.

Miles was making faces while I worked.

Honda Civic is the brother's new car. The day after buying it, it died. It is in the middle of massive diagnosis and electrical equipment replacement.

Since I seem to be the VAG water pump fairy, I thought I'd get the specific timing belt tensioner tool. And this time I finally got a water pump with a metal impeller.

Miles still chillin'.

German parts for German cars.

GEPRÜFT indeed.

Did I try using it with the engine running? You be the judge.

Why not get new bolts for the pump?

Silly German red anti-freeze. Being Euro-cool is hard work.

David got curious too.

Working in the backyard at the new digs!

Katie has been the one taking all the cat pics. Blame it on her.

Katie, I'm working over here.

Timing belt cover.

More timing belt cover. Notice scraped off paint.

Timing belt carnage.

Luckily the belt held on well enough to prevent the valves from getting chewed up. I shut the car down quickly, but not immediately.

This is an idler pulley which doubles as the belt tensionor. It uses an eccentric inside to accomplish this. This is what you need that tool for (or you can fuck around with snap-ring pliers and stuff). Look at that damn belt!

The timing belt guards kept it on enough to prevent valve damage thankfully. The water pump straight-up seized on us this time, and dumped all the coolant too.

Timing belt stew.

New belt.

I guess those are all the pics. I might have more later. I know I have pics of spark plug wire replacement. Whatever. We'll see.
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2011-08-02 21:12:47
Stupid Beetles. They like gas too. Good work though.
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