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Thread: How to program keyless remote (P11)

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2011-06-04 04:38:34
How to program keyless remote (P11)
hope you like
YouTube - ‪How to program key on Infiniti G20‬‏
2011-06-04 11:16:26
2011-06-04 16:22:37
Text Instructions these apply to all Nissan's with SR20's:

  1. Get in the drivers seat, closed the door and lock the doors with the driver side door locker
  2. Insert the key into the ignition key cylinder, then remove all of the way. Do this at least 6 times in 10 seconds. Your hazard lights will flash if you did this right.
  3. Insert the Key into the ignition cylinder, then turn the key to ACC.
  4. Withing 5 second press a button once on the new keyless entry remote. Hazards should flash. If you press the button on the keyless remote more then once programing will not work.
  5. If you have more keys to program, unlock and lock all of the doors through the driver side door locker. Within 5 seconds, press a button once on the other remotes.
  6. Remove the key from ignition, unlock all of of the doors, open the door, close it and you are done.
2011-06-05 05:56:31
I got mine and i had figure it out on my own,i searched here and could not find anything
So to help out fellow "Dummies" like myself ive made a video to aid in the fight against being ripped off my the dealer or any lock smith ,Damn look at me?I still got sleep on my face, its the 1st thing i did in the morning (after brushing my teeth) and i take my bow
2011-06-05 06:14:00
That's a hard one to figure out on your own, though the FSM might have it. Searching the web you can find a TON of threads on reprogramming though .
2011-09-04 17:03:11
Could this work with only nissan factory remotes or aftermarket as well?
2011-09-04 18:45:20
Originally Posted by Chefjrod1
Could this work with only nissan factory remotes or aftermarket as well?

Should be all the same
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