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Thread: Twin scroll manifold options

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2008-10-11 10:34:00
did he use a VE flange or is it a DE flange? Should make your VE sing very nicely .
2009-06-02 05:09:33
I have gotten a chance to play around with some materials for some practice. But now I am wondering about the pipe size. I see tons of people running a SCH40 stainless in 1.5" and I think that is a bit too big for my setup. I was thinking about 1.25" SCH10. It will lose more heat in the manifold, but the smaller pipe size should help with spool. Is 1.25 big enough?

I measured my port size and they came in at somewhere around 1.4" by 1"? I can't remember but the port size seemed to match better with the 1.25 piping better than the monster sized 1.5".

The material I have chosen for the manifold is stainless 316. I just need a little direction here for the final product. I find the SCH40 to be a little hard to work with. What size should I get if I want to make a solid 500-550whp?
2009-06-02 13:34:11
Get the sch10 man... I used this for my manifold the sch10 with 42mm inside diameter.
the diameter has a big impact in the responce of the turbo . the long of the piping also has a good amount of impact .. etc
I would do for your build... 42mm inside sch10
18-22 piping diameter.
4-5 colector.
good luck.
2009-06-02 13:54:15
sch40 is overkill. I would use the sch10. Also, I wouldn't think about anything smaller than 1.5" as long as you can get a wrench on the nuts with those pipes welded on there. 1.5" up to 2" for turbo manifolds for me. You might convince me 1.25" is a good idea on something with tiny exhaust ports (think early BMW straight 6).
2009-06-03 00:08:35
Got s a lot of 1.5" SCH 10. Using that. The ports measured out at 1.68" by 1.2"
2009-08-21 02:35:36
this is a low mount sr20 twin scroll manifold u might like
its made from steam pipe but once its all coated it will look as pretty as any other manifold
we make our manifolds from steam pipe because its alot stronger then stainless

twin scroll manifolds should have runners 1 and 4 merged together and divided from runners 2 and 3 and thats wat we have done with ours

we try and keep the runners the same length while being short at the same time for street cars
this way u get the best of both response and top end

low mount

high mount

2009-08-24 03:20:26
thats nice
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