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Thread: Twin scroll manifold options

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2008-09-24 01:56:42
Twin scroll manifold options
I am looking into making a twin scroll manifold and I would like to see some other manifolds that have been made for the sr20 engine. It looks like all the threads with the sidewinder manis have been deleted. This is one of the last power adders I will be doing coming this tax season.

I am wondering on your opinions. I have been looking at making a twin scroll design by modifying the full-race pro-street manifold. Packaging restraints are going to limit what can happen here, so I want some of your guys' opinions. Feel free to post up pics of other tubular manifolds, and I will post up dyno results when this little project is finished.
2008-09-24 02:24:07
Look up Daxx's thread on Captain Rev. He's running a PROTECH twin scroll sidewinder manifold, which is ABSOLUTELY sechs.
2008-09-24 04:10:23

I like this manifold a lot, but it seems a little too impractical to me with a daily. I would love to see it in the car to see how it clears everything though.
2008-09-24 04:19:41
if your in the north east i ahve some one who could fab you one
2008-09-24 04:20:01
Here is a single wastegate setup, but I really don't like how the bends seem to be, not sorted out. Full-race is great, don't get me wrong, but fluid dynamics shows that each bend acts like adding so much length to the pipe. Still a nice manifold at a great price.

This is the one I like, but it isn't twin scroll. But maybe it could be???

Switch cylinders around and add to wastegates??? I think it would flow quite well.
2008-09-24 04:21:55
Here is their test from a log manifold to their prostreet (ramhorn) style manifold. Over 60whp on 13psi of boost on about the same size turbo I am running.


They made 360whp on 12.8 psi of boost. It took me 16psi to make that much, and that's with a VE head! I can only imagine the quick spool and extra power a good ts manifold would yield! It would reduce lag, and make tons of streetable power, which is what I want.

If these guys are AVERAGING over 50whp gains on their manifolds, I wonder what I would get?
2008-09-24 04:26:56
Originally Posted by Forced
if your in the north east i ahve some one who could fab you one

I am in Utah, so I pretty much have to build it myself. Or I could have bruce make me another one
2008-09-24 04:41:49
Not a SR20 manifold, but....

I like how Runner 2 connects into runner 3 and runner 1 connect into runner 4
Nyce twin scroll design, what y'all think?
2008-09-24 04:49:48
That is an interesting manifold man. haha. It looks like it goes to an evo or something that is twin scroll from the factory. Designed for internal wg? The one thing you have to watch out for is the 90* bends in there. one 90* bend is like adding 12" to the runner length (depends though).
2008-09-24 10:11:39
Full Race = best... definitly a nice manifold
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