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Thread: Knock sensor code 34.

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2008-10-08 16:51:18
Originally Posted by speedyd718
no i don't get a physical cel, just the stored code (sorry for that confusion). it was my understanding though that the ecu isn't running optimum though if the code is there. it's running in a "safe" mode so to speak, because it thinks something is fubar with the circuit.

and your right......
2008-10-08 17:22:28
i was talk with erick212 on the other forum, he was talking with calum for a fix to the 3.3V output. calum has apparently bench tested a fix by jumping the 5V signal output for the tps to the knock sensor output inside the ecu. i'm waiting to hear back some details on going about doing the fix. when i get them i'm going to give it a try with my spare b13 ecu (which also is only giving 3.3V and the instant 34). hopefully this will work, not too complicated either. it looks like it'll be soldering in a couple resistors.
2008-10-08 17:32:07
I have to ask again to be sure, you have infact measured the voltage out put of the ECU @ the knock sensor signal pin?

From what I understood you cut the wire basically isolating the knock sensor pin from teh rest of the harness eliminating the chance for a flase reading do to a short to ground? Is this correct?

I have fixed to date close to 10 S13 240SX KA24DE that exhibited this problem, each and every single one had a short to ground in the signal shielded part of the wire. Each and everyone of them varied in the voltage measured at the ECU with the harness intact making it a complete circuit (that is becasue they all had a short to ground) they would read 1.2v or 3.3~3.5v when measured as is.......then I de-pinned the knock sensor pin at the ECU becasue I didn;t wanna cut the wire (cutting the wire close to the ECU would basically be teh same thing) and each and every ECU outputed 5v.
2008-10-08 17:46:09
yeah i snipped it from the shielded portion all together. with just the 2" of wire out of the knock pin i got 3.3V. i'm going to try probing around again today when i'm and see what i come up with though. i'll try pulling the pin out completely, maybe just maybe there's a short in my little section.
2008-10-09 02:31:15
go the code to clear. i had to purchase a nicer dmm to "actually" check continuity and found that the signal wire i was using had a break. i also then found that i had my wires backwards at the sensor, oops. shows my electrical prowess. i am happy now that the code is gone.
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