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Thread: lowballer highport SR20 turbo possible?

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2018-04-26 05:23:01
lowballer highport SR20 turbo possible?
After many years I return back to this forum with some new plans.

I have had an P11 with VE doing approx. 190 bhp which was fun to drive.
Now I will have an P11 with a highport SR20 (125 bhp) engine which ran 111 miles and had decent maintenance.

Goal 1: reach 180 to 200 bhp MAX
Goal 2: keep the highport as stock as possible

Could you guys help me in the right direction?
Should be a low boost setup as you can imagine.

I wonder what should be done and bought for the most simple turbo setup you can think off.
I dont want to have more than 200 bhp.

I just want driveability and realibility

Yes it's uncommon but it has a history.
Years ago I sold my P11VE trackcar.
My brothers started a P10 project. He managed to buy my P11VE.
He will pull the VE and use it in his P10.

As a gesture he will drop the highport SR20 in my P11 and donates the car back.
2018-05-02 15:22:19
Very possible, t25/t28 you’ll be happy
2018-05-05 14:56:32
With your power and reliability goals, I'd just stay naturally aspirated?
2018-05-25 09:59:44
Turbo torque can't be beaten by N/A, and I'd like to have the blow off whistle in a car for once in my life.
2018-05-25 13:53:10
and high revving Horsepower engine cannot be beaten by a small frame Turbo engine..... once you figure out what you really want, let us know and we can help.

Sounds like you want a turbo more than anything..... not necessarily reliability or power.
2018-05-26 08:58:02
Originally Posted by lsnn86
Turbo torque can't be beaten by N/A
Sure it can.

My 303WHP turbo setup makes less torque than the 300WHP SR20VE setup I compared it to last. I overlaid the dyno charts, but I'm not spending time finding that right now.
When done properly, a turbo setup shouldn't have tons of torque IMO, that just means your turbo's too small.
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