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Thread: Help/Advice Needed

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2008-07-12 02:27:15
Help/Advice Needed
Allrite so I swapped in an avenir motor into my b13. I got the car up and running but im having a little trouble. At first the car wouldnt hold and idle but when I got on it the car would drive fine. I am using a BB top mount set up wiith the stock Bypass valve which is being recirculated. I disconnected the Recirculating hose from the intake and plugged the intake hole up and now the car holds a smooth idle, which is kinda weird because for the most part I have heard that if you dont recirculate the car usually doesnt idle well. So now im a little bit confused. Im driving the car with the recirc hose off and intake bung plugged up, the only downfall to this is that the car runs really rich so between shifts the car bogs down then picks up again but it also burns alot of gas. So I was trying to figure out if anyone has any idea on what I should do inorder to make it idle rite with the recirc connected or to make it not run so rich without it recircing.
The set up is Avenir motor, blue bird topmount, maf before the turbo, calum ecu, fuel pressure is at 4 bar.
Any Help would be appreciated
Thanks In advance
2008-07-12 02:42:58
Do you have a pic of you engine bay as it is now? When I made an intake pipe for my car I put the recirc hose too close to the maf. This messed up the mafs reading big time and made the car run like ass.

You car is still running really rich with that hose venting to the atmosphere. Just put your hand up to the recirc valve with the car running and cover the hole and watch how much better the car runs. You should be able to feel the thing leaking air at idle too.
2008-07-12 03:27:27
I dont have a pic now I will take one tomorrow but its pretty close to the MAF, about 6" away from the MAF. When I put my hand up to the recirc port on the bypass valve the car boggs down and stalls, if its NOT being recirculated the car holds an idle fine it just runs rich between shifts and ofcourse if your in neutral. And the recirc port on the bypass valve does leak air at idle.
2008-07-12 03:34:41
That is weird that it does that. Try adjusting the FPR once you recirc.
2008-07-12 03:44:35
Fuel pressure was set when i did the install and that when i was recirc-ing. Iv been driving around like that its just not that I disconnected the hose and found out that it holds and idle and runs smoother besides the running rich part when you dont give it gas.
2008-07-12 04:21:28
Where is your vacuum source for the recirc valve?

Do you feel any air from the recirc if you rev the motor in neutral?

I might be wrong about the air from the recirc valve messing with the maf if you aren't feeling air blowing at idle.

Have you pressure checked your IC pipes for vacuum leaks?
2008-07-12 21:31:11
-Vac. Source is comming from the intake mani.

-When I rev the motor there is air comming out of the recirc port from the bypassvalve.

-There IS air comming out of the recirc port of the bypass valve at IDLE

-I did pressure test for leaks and it had a very small leak at 10lbs but im running 8lbs now.
2008-07-13 07:56:36
Ok definitely do what you can about that small leak. Even though it seems small your cars ecu has compensated for that leak by dumping extra fuel. A small leak can wreak havoc with the driveability of your car too. And that leak is there all the time even though you don't notice it at lower pressures.

Possible the bigger issue that may be at hand is that air blowing at idle or just the hole from the recirc messing with the MAF. This could explain why if you disconnect the hose the car runs better. It isn't running as good as it could be without all that metered air leaking out. MAFS don't like any weird air flow before or after them. You might want to try to get that hose as far away from the MAF as you can.
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