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Thread: Groove on Garrett backplate compressor housing?! Any ideas?

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2016-12-05 03:23:50
Groove on Garrett backplate compressor housing?! Any ideas?

So I went through the CHRA replacement with Garrett on a 2860RS I have and I noticed on the backplate there is some sort of groove there and I'm unsure what this is for. It may be a groove for some sort of glue/sealant? The strange thing is that it starts where you see it in the image, but on the other side of the plate both sides of the groove stop and there's a 1 inch gap or so where there's no groove. Plus obvously as you see here it's not a connected ring, but seperated by a small section.

So this is the backplate that goes on the CHRA which then would go onto the compressor housing. I never noticed this groove before but that's probably just because I've never looked so closely at it.

Anyone notice this? Any ideas what I need to do here?

One idea I had is that these grooves are for a different compressor housing. I looked on my housing maybe thinking I'd notice markings or something to match up with the grooves but couldn't find any, everything looks smooth all the way around the compressor housing where this fits.

If anyone is confused about which piece I'm talking about..it's the peice on the bottom. This piece goes on the CHRA, then the compressor housing goes onto this backplate piece.

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2016-12-10 04:48:01
aha! finally a question someone can't answer. What do I win??

2016-12-17 23:13:26
It looks like a really uniform groove too... Couldn't have been caused by scratching or something. Maybe the housing locks into it somehow?
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